How To Turn Your Attention Into Consistent Profits With BAT Token

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I've been using Brave Browser for well over a year now on both my laptop and smartphone, and it's really changed the way I browse the internet. First of all, it's made things so much faster, blocking all the scripting, tracking and ad code that loads on modern web pages these days has made it a dream to browse online.

Over and above the improved browsing experience, I also earn BAT tokens each time I am pinged to view an add in the browser. Each ad notification pays you a variable amount, and since I've been using Brave I've earned around 195 BAT tokens (which according to @coingecko data BAT worth $0.21286) making my earnings at the current value $41.50

That's not too bad for doing what I do every day now is it, looking at memes, checking the latest football news, googling random things, checking the Bitcoin price and earning some free internet money, you have to love it.


Monthly earnings

Each month all your ad views are checked, and you're coins are deposited to an Uphold account which you need to register and set up separately. Once your tokens are in your Uphold you can either send them as BAT to a wallet of your choosing, uphold will cover the gas fees on the transfer in certain cases.

If you want you can also make an immediate trade (pay a transfer fee) and uphold will convert your BAT into another token like BTC.

While I could HODL these tokens in Uphold and wait for the price to pump, I thought I'd look at ways I could put this crypto to use, since I am ALWAYS looking for yield.

Earning passive interest for my attention

Since I already had an account with the Celsius Network, I decided to transfer my BAT To the App and collect a healthy 5.10% per year interest in my BAT tokens.

That means at the current value; it would net me an additional $2.12 as I get $0.18 per month. While this may not sound like a lot, it does sound a lot better than getting 0.

Additionally, each month I can top up my Celsius account with the new BAT I earn and keep increasing the return I get by having more BAT saved up with their service.

This means $2.12 is the floor as long as the interest rates don't change, and I can only earn more by adding more tokens.

Maximising your returns

Since I like BAT and prefer to earn in it, I do take a bit of a knock-on earnings. If you choose you to stake your BAT with Celsius and opt to earn your interest in CEL tokens (their native token), you'll receive an APY of 6.95%

That means at the current value; it would net me an additional $2.89 for the year for doing basically nothing.

Cel tokens are now trading at $1.29

Remember, the CEL you earn each month will also earn interest on that balance so; it could be worth setting up as the price and liquidity for CEL continues to improve.

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