Bull Case For Rising Star FTB1 Dougie NFT

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I love it when there's new updates making old things even better. It used to look like getting those Wristbands won't have much use except Blending for cool limited edition NFTs. I've actually got mine. I think it was a solid call to invest into it looking at current prices. What's more surprising is how little FTB1 Dougie NFTs exist.

Blending For FTB1 Dougie

Blending Time.png

Only 94 Issued

94 Issued.png

It's possible to see more than 2X supply for FTB1 Dougie if everyone Blended their NFTs to get this one which offer much better use case than 12X 25 Fans.

But the prices are setting up a different story. FTB1 Dougie isn't worth more than the price of the NFTs that are needed to Blend it.

3-4 Wristbands Can Worth More Than FTB1

Let's get to the 1st 4 Wristbands issued. Let their prices speak for themselves:

As you can see - prices are all over the place. I think they'll have to converge at 1 point. Instead of Wristbands getting cheaper,I'd say FTB1 Dougie will get more expensive.

How popular & well knows something is affect NFT prices. If https://www.risingstargame.com get more users & activity it'll be a benefit for all us players/investors!

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