Improving The SEO Of Your Leo Finance Content – An Additional Input

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I read this excellent article on how to improve the SEO of your Leo Finance content (here on Leo Finance). I believe it’s a must read for everyone who is financial blogging.


I just wanted to add another idea or input that will help in improving the SEO of your Leo Finance content.

This is something I have used in the past with high effectiveness.

To start, there is something called “Page Authority” or “Domain Authority

In simple words, domain authority is the domain rating of a website or a particular article on a 100-point scale.

Therefore, if a website or article link has a domain authority of 90 or 95, it’s a page with a superior rank.

When we are writing articles, there can be different sources that we use to write an article or quote someone.

The rule here is as follows – Try and put links in your article with webpages that have high domain authority.

Let’s look at an example.

Suppose I am writing on portfolio diversification.

I find one article on Harvard Business Review – To Diversify or Not to Diversify

I check the Page Authority or Domain Authority of this page.

If you Google “Domain Authority Checker” you will get websites for putting the link and checking the domain authority of the page.

When I check the domain authority of the above article from Harvard, it’s 92. Therefore, the domain authority is high.

Linking this article in my article in Leo Finance at a relevant place will help in improving my SEO score.

This is a simple trick to improve your SEO score and increase the credibility of your page.

In general, all educational resources from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Wharton, among others, have a high domain authority.

You can also look for other websites and articles that have a high domain authority.

In the long-term, this will help in driving more traffic to your article and also improve the visibility of Leo Finance on the internet.

Here is one website authority checker

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