Ask 'What's The Utility?' To Win Almost Everytime

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Why Would Anyone Buy A Coin Repeatedly?

After researching & reviewing hundreds of Crypto projects, I have realized one thing - Tokenomics, Fundamentals, Features, Marketing & Community don't mean shit if there's isn't a 'utility' to a Coin. Any cryptocurrency is only as good as its use case. There is a good chance that a particular crypto with 10 use cases is far better than another crypto that has just one.

Why would anyone buy a coin, again and again, if there is no use or a chance of profit to be made by HODLing it? Every time I dive deep into a new coin, I am looking for answers to this question. For long-term crypto gains, look for utility as they say. Without it, there’s only speculation and it can be dangerous. That's why you wouldn't want to invest in Dogecoin or Shiba Inu.


The above conversation led me to write this post and discuss why having "utility" is more important than anything else.

For example, LEO token has multiple use cases like you can do Yield farming with it on Uniswap and Cub Finance. All authors & curators who publish on Leo Finance get paid in LEO. You can buy Splinterlands DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) with it. Staking LEO has its own multiple use-cases and then there is LeoFi where you can lease LEO Power too. Don't forget the LeoBridge which uses LEO(Hive Blockchain) to perform permissionless swaps between ERC-20 (ETH) and BEP-20 (BSC). Soon more chains will be supported which will contribute further to the uses of LEO. HIVE has several use-cases too. In fact each DApp, Token, Community and Project built on HIVE is one single use-case. More and more are popping up every week and there's so much to come out yet. We are just getting started and so much of exciting stuff coming up!

The Demand Struggle

There are multiple reasons to buy $HIVE and $Leo from my hard-earned money. I have recently powered down some of my #POB stake to invest more into LEO and HIVE related projects, mainly Splinterlands. There was a utility of POB which helped me to gain more POB tokens every week - @amr008's engagement project. And that is why I delegated 1000 POB Power to it but sadly it's gone now. Cool tokenomics took care of the supply but what about the demand? The hype created initially has died down a bit I guess! After Hive did a massive run in the past few weeks, the price of POB has tanked a bit too. Can POB Make It? I am sure if @proofofbrainio or the community/POB Whales come up with enough use cases that would provide more value to the token, it can make it. I'd even buy the token when I see that happening. Till then I am going back to the same mode - Sell 50%, and power up 50% of my rewards. I Still have a little more than 1000 POB Power so it will grow steadily. To improve engagement on the platform, I am also thinking about running a weekly POLL. If enough people are interested then I will continue doing it. Let's see how it goes and if it helps in any way.

The bottom line of this post is not HIVE, LEO or POB or which one is better or which one has the most use cases. I love Hive and its related projects/communities. I want all of them to win because ultimately it's a win for everyone involved in this ecosystem. From this post, I want you guys to understand why and when you should buy a Crypto. If there's no utility, there's no demand - only speculation. Just remember - Ask 'What's The Utility?' To Win Almost Everytime. 100 points for using your brain. 🚀✌

Please let me know your thoughts below! What do you do before you invest in a crypto? Do you also make investments purely based on speculation? How's the experience so far?



Not financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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