Final Forex Support and Resistance Trading Tips and Tricks

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Are you trying to learn forex trading?

It all starts right here with my simple forex support and resistance strategy.

Within this guide, you'll learn my trading strategy that combines forex support and resistance with powerful price action setups.

It's time you became a consistently profitable forex trader.

3 Final Forex Support and Resistance Trading Tips and Tricks

Here are 3 final tips and tricks for you to consider when trading this strategy.

  1. Higher time frame is king: Always make sue that you’re trading with the heard by making sure that the market is above or below key higher time frame support/resistance zones.

  2. Use short term support/resistance to find entries on intraday pullbacks: This is key to getting good entries, with tight stops and for your sanity, will help you not buy the top or sell the bottom if you’re wrong.

  3. Focus on money management: Your money management and the risk:reward ratios that you can get out of these setups, become the key to making real money on winners, while keeping your losses consistently small.

This brings my simple forex support and resistance trading guide to an end.

Now I'm going to consolidate these 11 separate blog posts under that very first URL and use it as the cornerstone of my market analysis going forward.

Best of probabilities to you,


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