My first steps on Leofinance and my goals

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Last august I created my account on Hive. In Hive I found a platform to share my photographs and even earn something with it.
I've tried it for a couple of weeks and got more and more insterested.
I discovered different communities and the existance of tribes. A couple of weeks ago I logged in to the Leofinance interface for the first time.
What amazed me was the enormous activity in this tribe. A lot of interesting posts and many good discussions in the comments. This sparked my interest in cryptocurrencies again. The flat curation fee encouraged me to become active on Leofinance myself.
I had already powered up my Hive to about 800 HP, so I decided to buy some Leo to have some more Leo power as well.

And then...

After the upgrade I decided to be active on Leofinance and on PeakD for photography related posts. I wanted to see how this would develop so I decided to register some information in a spreadsheet.
I registered three things every day:

1: The amount of Hive and Leo Power
As you can see in the graph my Leo power is growing a bit faster then the Hive Power. This has two reasons. The first one is that I wait until powering up my Hive for the 1st of december. This is because of the Hive Power Up Day.
Second is that I'm a bit more active on Leo last two weeks.

2: Hive vd Leo price
I register the price of Hive and Leo on a daily basis. In the chart you can see that the price of Leo increased a bit more the last two weeks.

3: My total account value
This is the most fun chart. It's really cool to see the line steadily going up. This is due to the fact that the price of Hive and Leo is increasing, but also the result of my activities on Hive and Leo and my power ups.


I see a lot of people posting their goals, but how do I determine an achievable goal? Well, I've gained about 80 LP and also 80 HP in nearly two weeks.
If I can continue this the next 6 weeks (until the end of 2020) I will be able to add another 240 LP and 240 HP.
So if I can keep up this my Leo Power should be 1325 and my Hive Power 1108 on 1-1-2021.

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