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Getting rid of Steemit Inc was obviously a good thing.. I don't know, maybe I just thought things would be different than they are. Perhaps that's why I can't really see that Hive is on the right path.. I probably expected more.

*I disagree with the idea of promoting Hive in terms of marketing, that is for the layer 2 apps in my opinion. *

That is very true. What I would've wanted is proper marketing for Hive from the start, but it all came down to the same type of marketing as before, as we saw on Steem. The twitter movements etc. Even though I am glad and appreciate all the work they are doing with those types of initiatives and movements, I would've preferred to see them promote the communities instead of Hive.

  • Niche specific marketing.

I'm sure we would've seen so much greater results if we did that instead of these "spam-type" tweets we've seen for the past 2-3 years or so. It feels about time to change things.

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