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What I want to share are 3 completely different hive related projects that might be of interest to you and I think they haven't received enough attention or are at a very early stage.


1. Aroundworld photo contest

@bucipuci continously runs the simpliest and easiest photocontest there is. In order to participate just attach a photo of your neighborhood/surroundings with a short description of where the photo was taken and use a tag :

(use the tag as one of first 5 ones in order to post gets noticed)

What's there to win?
First place ... 1 HBD
Second place ... 0.6 HBD
Third place ... 0.4 HBD
Participants who enter the competition in the form of a daily report for ACTIFIT will also receive the following prizes:

First place ... 100 AFIT
Second place ... 60 AFIT
Third place ... 40 AFIT

I also know there might be some BEER popping up. It's not much, but it's fun and some of us already post photos of their worldview.

enter image description here

2. LBI launch

I've already missed more than several investment opportunities and this time I won't be missing out.
Guys behind the successful SPI tokens are preparing to start LeoBacked Investment:

LeoBacked Investment (LBI) tokens will be exactly as they sound. LBI tokens core mission will be to stake LEO, invest into LEO miners and take part in the wLEO LP on uniswap further down the road. This account will also produce investment-related content along with weekly reports of earnings and investment updates for token holders.

You can read more on the project in their official announcement

How much am I going to invest? I don't really know right now, but I am positive about investing about ~400 Leo. I also know @wallar is also going to invest about 500 Leo. It's nothing to what others offer, but still it's a significant part of my Hive-related-portfolio.
The problem is I also like my staked Leos - I need to find the proper balance.

Of course, this is not a financial advice, do your research and remember that every investment brings risk. I just want you to know about what's going on here and there.

Read more in a post on it by @jk6276 that you can read here
or @taskmaster4450le perspective, posted from the Spinvest account

3. Cultural support fund

Oh my, this is going to be hard to explain, so let me start from the beginning. The renown polish community user @hallmann runs an cultural NGO - fundation @fundacja that uses hive for additional financial support in its statutory activities while spreading the world about Hive. Fundation also runs a local Cultural Centre call Królestwo Bez Kresu (KBK, Kingdom-With-No-End) (@krolestwo).
Due to this whole COVID-19 situation, most of cultural institutions and artists like many suffer from lack of income possibilities. They plan on applying for a government grant to built a hive-based application with significant voting power to support artists/NGOs and whomever wishes to join.
There are other similar projects for curation or investing. I know these will always have better results in investment return as they have specialised curators and strong communities. But this project would be focused not only on returns but on Hive adoption on the ground. It doesn't have a name yet.
It's far to early to say anything more about it, but make sure you follow @hallmann not to miss out on big news.
On my part, I'll try to inform you on any progress in English.

P.S. If you think it's an good idea, let them know to use leofinance more

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