LeoFinance Linear Curation Curve - What Is The Big Deal?

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I did an interesting calculation today, I currently hold 5200 Leo tokens, staked in my curation account. Each upvote is worth around 0.987-1leo, I have 10 full upvotes to give in a day at 100% before I cool down to recharge.

With the implementation of the linear curation curve, if I time my upvotes properly, I will make close to 5leo tokens per day based on 50/50 returns which will give me close to 35leo tokens per week, resulting in 140leo tokens per month.

Calculating with present Leo prices at $0.15 per token, that gives me $21 per month from curating alone. Projecting this pattern into the next 6months, if I keep powering up, then I will have accumulated about 860 Leo tokens to my Leo power, note that these numbers are only a sketchy estimation, the more I power up, the more curation rewards I get, more so, there are very little chances that the price per Leo token will remain at $0.15 or go lower in the next 6 months based on current developments and fundamentals.

Show me where you can use approximately $826 to make such or more returns in this manner and I will kiss your hairy ass. Even if it has bumps on it. I dare you.

This returns are solely as a result of the recently implemented linear curation curve exclusive to Leofinance, the linear curation curve levels the playing ground between manual and auto curation and also eliminates the need to have to vote between 5mins after a user makes a post.

It is interesting how I own almost the same value in my Hive account and yet my daily returns with the same curation efforts can't net me half of what I get curating on Leofinance. Should this be a loud enough message to Hive that the present curating pattern ain't cutting it? Or perhaps that's just the way it is.

Remember early in the mining days, people with more sophisticated mining rigs got more mining rewards than people who didn't have access to such, we saw a stiff competition between GPU Asics and CPU's, infact at some point, CPU mining was out of date.

Only until recently did we begin to see few projects bringing CPU mining back into the game with implementing several tactics to level the playing field between GPU's and CPU'S, perhaps there is a catch in doing so. Is it safe to compare this paradigm with what is taking place with the linear curation curve on Leofinance and Hive?

According to the graph above, the linear curation curve greatly impacts one's growth in stakes as we can see the upward momentum. The more stake one owns, the better the curation rewards. These are my thoughts. I hope with this more people can understand and see reasons as to why the Linear curation curve is a big deal. Don't sleep on Leofinance.

Thank you for reading.


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