My activites on / Buying CCC and ARCHON tokens

4 months ago
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Hello! all friends...

Today I would like to share you
my activites on
Yesterday I started known one of Leofinance post in comment.

And then I checked it. is very good place to trade Hive Leo and others tokens.
We are lucky in there. I got information cheaper deposit/withdrawal fees than Hive-Engine too - Just 0.25%.
So firstly I decided to buy CCC tokens to stake. I got 2124 CCC tokens.


2124 CCC = 6 Hive



Also I decided to buy some ARCHON tokens to stake.
I got 17 ARCHON.


17 ARCHON = 4.83 Hive


Very comfortable Buying and Selling on
If you do not know yet.
I recommended yes...


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