Bitcoin: So Apparently Buy the F'n Dip Works!

2 months ago
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A few days ago a did a post about bitcoin that was titled buy the f'n dip. This was when we got a pullback following the surge to about 16K

That pullback saw price pullback to the 10 day moving average, which was only an intraday move but apparently the dip to buy as price has rallied since.

Even if it looks like we have been consolidating.

Quick 1,000 Points...


Looking at the price chart that dip to 14,500 has already seen a 1,000 point rise as BTC trades near 15,500.

I actually love the fact we are consolidating here with a tighter range each of the last few days.

Looks like a bull flag to me and the probability is for a breakout higher. No guarantee of course, but odds are leaning that way.

A push above 16,000 would be the next upside target.

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