Are Crypto Markets Finding Bottom- Looking At Charts Beachside

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On today's episode of Coin Logic TV, the markets are, well not doing much... Looking like we could be finding some bottom, but still consolidating. So if the markets are doing their thing, so should you!

I am taking a look at the markets while beachside out on the Pacific coast in Oregon.

Taking a look at the Bitcoin, BNB, Hive, LTC, and Cosmos Hub (ATOM) charts while on the go!

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Go do your thing, live life and have fun doing it!

Nothing we say is financial advise.

This is for educational and recreational purposes only!

Stay safe in these volatile markets and don’t get rekt!

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You can never predict bitcoin to go bullish i think when the market is selling you are the one who should buy in small portions that works for me but thanks for sharing the information 😃


Bitcoin is so bearish these days. Not too long ago it was $43,000. Crypto is the wild west no doubt. I suppose the good thing is you can buy it cheap !


Not too long ago it was 70k. 43k is only an 8% difference from where we are now. Cheap was back when it was just $3500 like in March of 2020.