Let's help Cryptex24.io (exchange with HE tokens) get listed on Blockfolio !

14 days ago
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In case you don't know, Cryptex24.io (yep, that's a ref link :P) is a small exchange run by the same guys behind the @cryptobrewmaster game. And they already have support for Hive Engine tokens, with DEC, LEO, CBM and Beer listed. I guess more are coming soon.

Last time I checked, they are making an effort to get listed on coingecko and they also run a campaign to get listed on Blockfolio. Which means, if they are accepted, the aforementioned tokens will also have the option to be visible there. BEER on blockfolio.. That would be fun ^_^

Anyways, if you want to help them just visit https://feedback.blockfolio.com/exchange-requests/p/cryptex24io, log in with your twitter or whatever, upvote the proposal and leave a comment. It will take just one minute. Their proposal is already number 1 in the respective category but hey, more votes can't harm :)

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