When "Buy Volume > Sell Volume": LEO, SPORTS, NEOXAG Look Healthy

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Within my few months of being involved in crypto investment especially with Hive tokens, I ensure to discover personal indices that guide my investment decisions. It is important that after studying the market theories and predictions made, there should be a personal deep study to reveal some personal indices that should guide token market decisions.

Price, market cap and trading volume has been the piopular indices that are considered before an investor buys into a crypto project. However, the LEO growth over the last few has given a new message. LEO growth to its present status has been driven by development that surrounding the LEO ecosystem. As explained in this page explains the different dapps/tools/website built into the LEo ecosystem that play significant role in revenue generation for the community. Here are links:

The above show the power of consistent and focused development and how it can shape and add value to a crypto project. The interest of this piece was not in development.

Buy Volume - Sell Volume ratio

I've been very particular in looking beyond the 24-hour volume of tokens when it comes to buyin-in. I have an indices I call: "Buy Volume - Sell Volume ratio".

As the name implies, its simply the ratio of the total (top range) volume of HIVE worth of tokens in the buy and sell order flanges of the market page. This helps me to know the pressure of the amount of tokens requested against that of the quantity of tokens in wait to be sold.

from economics, we know that every trade operates within the demand-suppy rules. That is,

  • When demand is greater than supply, then price of product pomps;
  • When demand is less than supply, then the price of product dips.

A cursory look at the chart of LEO trades on Hive-engine captured above shows the marked points revealing the total HIVE worth of LEO tokens to be sold on top 15 orders as when as the HIVE worth of LEO to be purchased.

Whenever the total HIVE worth of LEO on the "buy order" flange is more than that of "sell order" side, then, there will definitely be a price pump. On the other hand, if total HIVE worth of LEO "buy orders" is less than that of the sell order side, then the price will dip. This rule has been proven true over the past weeks.

As I write this post, LEO is looking healthy and will certainly surpass the 1.5 HIVE trade limit in a few hours. We have 12,593 HIVE worth of LEO requested against 3,191 HIVE worth of LEO to be sold. That's a bullish trend.


The same positive ratio applies for SPORTS token as shown above. About 181 HIVE worth of SPORTS is requested against 113 HIVE. This puts SPORTS on a green light of a possible price rise in the next few hours.


NEOXAG token has been exhibiting some bullish moves in respond to the Mancave collaboration with the Neoxian City tribe. There are some buying pressure building on the "buy order" side of the NEOXAG token market. Over 343 HIVE worth of NEOXAG is requested against 273 HIVE worth of NEOXAG to be sold. We see NEOXAG go green in the next few hours.


These are my personal research outcomes about the above discussed tokens. There are no investment advice. Do your Own Research too and validate before investing in crypto.

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