LEO Tokenomics

Christine Lagarde: Ignorant, biassed and factually incorrect

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. Questioning why the mainstream financial media allows tho

Is Low-Tech DeFi Possible?

Is low-tech DeFi possible? Yes. How difficult is it for low-tech DeFi to work? It's easier than we think. Then why wait? B

Going Through The Crappy Markets Is Required For Success

It is easy to have diamond paws when the bull is running. Any moron can do that. The true test comes from being able to weather the…

Daily Crypto Markets Live Blog: More Pain Ahead For Cryptocurrency (05/24/22)

Here is the post for the Daily Leo Talk. In preparation for the upcoming Microblogging features, this is a good place to start…

Update on LP position in Thorswap - After 380 days

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in crypto. It also happens that it’s been a bit over 380 days since I ventured into ThorChain. I’ll like

Koinos - New Smart Contract Wallet

Koinos is a blockchain under development, with a few distinct goals: Koinos Blockchain Framework fee-less transactions ( Mana…

Set Your Footprints in the Lion's Den (LeoFinance)

LeoFinance is buzzing with developments and on its way to making true of its vision to bringing web 3 social media into the palms of…

Combining Rewards Cards And Renting Them Out

The rental market has definitely been a highlight of the Splinterlands economy for the past year or so. With the new changes to the…

HIVE crypto price doesn’t matter... yet

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. A look at why in my phase of wealth accumulation, the HIVE c

One Mistake That Can Destroy Your Capital In Trading

▶️ Watch on 3Speak When you make money in trading, you feel great.

Token Distribution Versus Token Burn

▶️ Watch on 3Speak We see a lot of projets promoting the idea of

LEO Burn Post #303

Last 24 hours statistics In the last 24 hours, Burn Bot 9000 has burned 5.698 LEO, delegated 1.353 LEO to @meowcurator and sent 0.071…


Video Subjects Terra Luna latest plan by Do Kwon Bitcoin green candles XRP Legal Victory Good bye XXO Interested in…

LeoFinance Contest #2 - 500 LEO tokens in Prizes! - How Often Should You Buy And Sell Crypto & LinkBuilding

Woah! Okay okay.. My last contest seems to have drawn a lot of attention judging by things like reblogs but we haven't seen many…

Escape while the market is rebounding

Haven't check on the crypto price and write the financial related contents for a while since the Luna and UST incident, since I only…

Fantom(FTM) Pumping in Speculation of Andre Cronje’s Return

(Source) Evening So, as the overall crypto market turning green today, Fantom (FTM) is among the top gainers with a spike of 12% over…

Are algorithmic stablecoins dead?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. Contrary to the mainstream narrative, the answer is no. Algorithmic st

Coinbase Big NFT Marketplace Is A Flop

Coinbase Big NFT Marketplace Is A Flop Coinbase had talked for

Mainstream begins to gain faith in Bitcoin

Image Source Mainstream begins to gain faith in Bitcoin Bitcoin has be

News and Opinion: May 23, 2022. The Average Age of Cars in US Roads is Increasing

This is another sign of changing times. As the price of everything increases, the income of people is not keeping up. This also may be an…

How popular is the Hive blockchain

The Hive blockchain as we all know is progressing daily with the features and impact it delivers in helping and changing situations…

Engagement & Looking Beyond Khal’s Reward

It felt good receiving those Leo tokens from @khaleelkazi for beating him on last week Leo engagement. It felt nice getting a reward for…

Provide liquidity for Polycub farms - $500 up for grabs?

Polycub, Provide Liquidity Week Yes. You did hear that right. Not only have the LEO team built an amazing yield farm for our…