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Introducing VPunk - 1,000 Unique Characters Collectible To Flip Your Luck

The NFT technology evolving the way we use gaming, art, music and other virtual product in daily life's by making the digital ownership…

The Big Money Players Are Swallowing Up More Of The Crypto World

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The headlines keep telling the same story. We are seeing more big money players,

The Evolution of Technology: My kingdom for a horse!

Way back in the day (10+ years) my girlfriend at the time and I would have these political conversations with a mutual friend of ours.…

Stader: One dAPP To Stake Them All

Image Source Good morning Lion's I trust you are safe and well and clicking those claim buttons on all your farms dispersed all across…

Splinterlands NOT the only way to EARN: New tags exploration!

I got introduced to splinterlands via a blog post on publish0x platform and since then I started to learn bit by bit about the game and…

Making easily over 200 DEC from Battles in Spinterlands!

DEC price drop since the latest pump but 200 DEC daily just for winning some batt

CBDC In Nigeria, Finally here to its failure

I was, initially, going to write about the steps forward on the roll outs of CBDCs in Nigeria some days back, then I figured it'd be more…

AskLeo - Best approach to grow a niche community on Hive ?

Source If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anythin

The Tyranny of the Elders, Thomas Jefferson was right, and he never heard of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is revolutionary Introduction I believe Thomas Jefferson, the second President of the United States, said that the…

My country's inflation rising and cryptos saving me

A sad reality that at the same time a certain "happiness". Sad about the question of where my country is going, and happy about my growth…

Very Excited For Leo Mobile

Image Source One of the main reasons that I think sites like

One Click Away From Financial Freedom

Never in our human history has creativity been so easily monetized. Looking no further than Van Gogh who lived in poverty for all of…

This Shows A Lack Of Knowledge

source I was watching a news clip today where US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen had some bright ideas about taxation. especially with…

Crypto Analysis | Hive bullish outlook

Good day Hiveians! Join me in analyzing the crypto markets! It's been 12 days since our last update on Hive !   In that post I…


Hello to all friends of the Leofinance community of hive and of my PLAY GAMER project which is taking more and more direction and today as…

Things Have Slowed Down A Bit, But I'm Hanging Tight!!

Weekly update to my goals..... This was an

Thank you for your POB !

This post is just to say my big and sincere THANK YOU for all, each and everybody, who have sold me your POB tokens in the last 15…

Halving: What it is and what influence does it have on Bitcoin

When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, his intent was to produce the first scarce, finite and non-duplicable digital good in the history…

As A Young Nigerian You Need To Be Financially Smart (Take A Step And Buy Hive)

Some of you have noticed that Nigerian youths are beginning to make use of the cryptocurrency even more than some developed country. This…

My favourite youtubers: Luke plays to earn

Hello friends! 👻 Just want to share some little treasures that I have found on Youtube. His name is Luke and you can visit his…

Will Airbnb Ever Cater to Cannabis Hosts and Guests?

There is a need in the market for a platform that helps to connect cannabis users with cannabis friendly hotel stays or bed and breakfast…

Long Legged Doji on BTC Weekly Chart

After the weekly close, the weekly chart did not look good. There is a long legged doji candle which is the signal of trend end...…

Tekashi69 Trollz NFTs - Why tho?

boi.... The NFT craze is still in full effect and you can definitely tell. We've got Miss Universe NFTs coming out on WAX, Martha…