The Search For The Forgotten One

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Close Range ability monsters are my favorite, having to attack from anywhere in the lineup is an advantage so for MOLTEN ASH GOLEM I liked it the moment it launched from the Chaos Legion edition, and having it upgraded to level 4 wasn't a decision I struggled with.

It has additional abilities Weaken from level 5 and Demoralize at maxed level, those are abilities that will impact the opponent negatively.
With $0.062 you can buy a Regular Foil copy of MOLTEN ASH GOLEM and just around $1.23 for the Gold Foil.

The Summoners

Battle Ruleset Equal Opportunity Keep Your Distance

The Forgotten One's great power sometimes spills over, leaving trails of molten ash in its wake. And within these beats the strong enchantments the Magus originally put on his Forgotten One. Within a day, these piles of burning ash become sentient. Rising from the ground and forming into loose humanoid shapes, these Molten Ash Golems have only one desire. Find their creator. They will travel the lands searching for the Forgotten One, never tiring and never needing to stop. Once reunited with their source, they serve faithfully for as long as they continue to burn.

Being a Keep Your Distance and MOLTEN ASH GOLEM with Close Range ability, I had to place it in the frontline to attack from there. It held on quite well until the third round.

I placed CORNEALUS in the second spot because of the Heal ability, should it take up the frontline, the backline monsters can keep attacking.

LAVA LAUNCHER in third place comes in with Range damage of 4 with Close Range ability. It is a strong card but has a weakness for magic attacks.

The fourth spot is PYROMANCER with Blast ability, it provides that YODIN ZAKU effect from each launched attack. Being a Reward card, it has held up in price value quite well.

DJINN INFERNI is a beast with the Giant Killer ability, being on the receiving end of INFERNI is no fun. It takes up the fifth spot with magic damage 3.

Upgrading COUNTESS SINASH to level 2 was vital for the Swift ability as it works well with PYRE and with the Camouflage ability placing it in the backline where she remains untouchable until it reaches the frontline makes it a card am loving.

It was a closely contested battle with CORNEALUS the only survival.


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