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l337m4573274@l337m45732-13 hours ago
Ethereum: A Brief History

The beginning It may come as a surprise to anyone new to the cryptocurrency space that Ethereum was nothing more than a concept 10 years ago. We had Bitcoin in 2008, but that was r...

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taskmaster445085@taskmaster4450-19 hours ago
Hive: Network Without Centralized Exchanges

It is time to ignore the centralized exchanges (CEX). There is a part of the community that Hive should focus on getting listed with some of the centralized exchanges. After all, h...

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taskmaster445085@taskmaster4450-12 hours ago
Disruption Is Here With Web3: This Is Not Hype

▶️ Watch on 3Speak We are seeing a massive transformation happening. This is something to pay attention to. In this video I discuss how this is different from a couple years ago re...

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edicted82@edicted-11 hours ago
SPK Network: Liquidity Between Hive and L2

In yesterday's CTT: Matt and Dan talked a bit about... well a lot of things actually. The episode ran for 3.5 hours which was a bit cray. But it was a good show. LordButterfly and...

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taskmaster4450le80@taskmaster4450le-9 hours ago
There Will Be No Collapse

You could say this is the anthesis of clickbait. Let's call it "anti-clickbait". The reason why I mention this is many headlines on social media like YouTube and Medium talk about...

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khaleelkazi81@khaleelkazi-2 days ago
What's the Value of Threading?

Project Blank is something that we talked about for the past 2 years. We built an incredible architecture that is scalable and ready for the future. We're consistently adding new f...

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idiosyncratic173@idiosyncratic1-a day ago
No Bull-Run When Everyone Expects It

The markets are slightly different from gambling houses, in both cases, houses always win. However, it does not necessarily mean that you will always win, too. In a market, there a...

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josediccus81@josediccus-a day ago
Splinterlands: I Got My First Quora Towershead

There hasn't been a lot of vibe going on, on splinterlands. This is probably because of the uncertainty that looms around the SPS requirement for maximum rewards. However, low-key,...

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cttpodcast71@cttpodcast-a day ago
Community Token Talk Podcast - Ep. 73 | Latest in Web3

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The CTT Podcast is hosted by @starkerz and @theycallmedan, co-founders of @threespeak. Today's episode had the participation of @rubencress, @lordbutterfly, @neo...

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bitcoinflood78@bitcoinflood-18 hours ago
Hive Goals and What's New on The Hive Blockchain

As you know I do these reports weekly. While I do my best to take them into a direction of what's new on the hive blockchain over just telling you my goals and such. It's also used...

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trumpman79@trumpman-15 hours ago
Poor little fucker (NZ 6 Pence 1946)

This coin is one of my most recent additions and it's one of those rare occasions featuring prominently an animal on the reverse, which is my favorite type of coinage! Unfortunatel...

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taskmaster4450le80@taskmaster4450le-a day ago
China's Demographic Time Bomb Is Here

It has been a while since I wrote about this but the state media agency came out this week discussing the issue so it is worth mentioning. China has started to see its demographic...

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taskmaster445085@taskmaster4450-a day ago
How Powerful Hive Is And What We Have Going

▶️ Watch on 3Speak After listening to CTT, the power of Hive is reaffirmed. These two really deep dive into the basics of this ecosystem. In this video I discuss what we are seeing...

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taskmaster445085@taskmaster4450-2 days ago
Hive: Lesson From Facebook And The USD

It is time we learn from the leaders. If Hive is going to achieve a great deal of success, which it has the potential to do, we should learn from those that achieved it. When looki...

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tarazkp84@tarazkp-12 hours ago
The AI of Trolling

A friend linked me an interesting article today about a lawyer who used ChatGPT to supplement a submission for a case her was defending, citing cases that the AI recommended. The o...

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mistakili75@mistakili-14 hours ago
What is Free About Freelancing?

Ah, freelancing! The dream life, right? Wake up whenever you want, work in your pajamas, take a break to binge-watch your favorite show. No boss breathing down your neck. Sounds pe...

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bitcoinflood78@bitcoinflood-14 hours ago
The Next Evolution Of Blockchain and How It's Currently Used

The evolution of the blockchain or the lack thereof. Blockchain has been around for nearly 15 years now and not much has changed in terms of the core fundamentals of it. There’s be...

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shortsegments76@shortsegments-3 hours ago
EasyDefi Group A: 2nd May earnings distribution!

The EasyDefi Two Step creates passive income for investors here on Leofinance. EasyDefi makes second earnings payment for May, 2023 for Easydefi Group A . Earnings Report for EasyD...

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khaleelkazi81@khaleelkazi-3 days ago
How to Use LeoFinance and Threads From Your Mobile Device!

LeoFinance just deployed 3 massive updates in the past 24 hours. These updates range from usability improvements to sign in methods to bug fixes to new features. Implementing these...

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cryptoandcoffee81@cryptoandcoffee-14 hours ago
Life Changing Opportunities

What we have in crypto is a life changing opportunity and we cannot afford to mess this up as it is so important. Everyone or the majority wants to have instant riches but we know...