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Big Tech sees drop in Alexa rankings; Remote workers are happier and more loyal; Non-profit fights broadcast networks to provide free TV; When CEOs live their corporate purpose, all stakeholders benefit; and a UFO research group hints that it might have alien artifacts

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  1. Big Tech In Decline? - Wikipedia co-founder and everipedia executive, Larry Sanger, is reporting that the Alexa rankings for many of the top Internet players has been dropping during the last 6 weeks. In particular, he says that Facebook fell from #3 to #5, Twitter dropped from #11 to @25, reddit declined from #12 to #18, wikipedia fell from #5 to #9, and Instagram lost ground from #13 to #23. Sanger acknowledges that he has no idea what's causing the trend, or whether it will continue, but speculates that, "it is possible that users of major corporate offerings are finally leaving because they have decided “enough is enough” and that their privacy, free speech, and other legitimate interests will never be properly respected by the Big Tech companies that dominated the scene throughout the past decade."

  2. Remote Workers Are Happier and Stay in Their Jobs Longer - In a recent report, Owl Labs discussed the results of their survey of 1202 US workers between the ages of 18 and 65. Of the people surveyed, 62% worked remotely for at least part of the time, and 49% worked remotely full time. Additionally, 81% said that working remotely would make them happy, and 71% of those who do work from home said that their job makes them happy. In contrast, only 55% of office-only workers reported that their job makes them happy. Remote seems to provide a benefit for employers, too, because remote workers are 13% more likely to stay in their position for 5 years.

  3. Nonprofit fights TV networks in court to keep free TV service alive - The non-profit that runs the Locast service to stream broadcast TV signals online responded to copyright complaints from the major networks on Friday. The filing says that networks have intentionally made access to free broadcasts difficult, arguing, "Plaintiffs have colluded to limit the reasonable public access to the over-the-air signals that they are statutorily required to make available for free," and accuses the networks of intentionally limiting broadcast access in order to build and protect their pay TV services. The response also argues that copyright law is clear in saying that retransmission by a non-profit entity does not constitute a copyright violation. Further, the response discusses a meeting between Locast and YouTube, alleging, "the (YouTube) executives indicated that they had been told that if YouTube TV provides access to Locast, then YouTube TV will be punished by the Big 4 broadcasters in negotiating carriage agreements for other non-broadcast programming channels,"

  4. When CEOs Value Employees, Everyone Wins - In a new paper, the CEO of Gapingvoid, Jason Korman, reports that company's with "high purpose cultures" improve their bottom lines and also bring higher revenue to CEO's - in nominal value, and as a proportion of revenue. The paper also reports that these CEO's tend to receive more favorable news coverage. The paper notes that in order to achieve these results, however, the CEO's evidence of purpose must extend beyond mere "lip service" into concrete actions.

  5. STEEM A UFO Research Group Says It Might Have Alien Artifacts - @sauravrungta is reporting that To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science is the organization that recently released three videos of navy encounters with Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, and now - after a Q&A with the NY Times - they have hinted that they might also have artifacts from an alien craft. "Right now", the posts says, "they are trying to conduct different sets of analyses on the UFO samples which will include physical analysis, molecular and chemical analysis and also nuclear analysis.". No timeline is given for the completion of the analysis. (A 10% beneficiary setting has been applied to this post for @sauravrungta.)

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