Purchased and Staked More 5,000 SPORTS - Curation of #Sportstalk will begin in Earnest | Total 55,000 SPORTS Staked!

in sportstalk •  9 months ago 

In addition to the 50,000 Stake of SPORTS I just communicated a few minutes ago, I deemed it necessary to add more 5,000 SPORTS staked to see if my 100% #sportstalk vote can amount to 200 SPORTS. Here is my latest investment update on SPORTS.

In my next #sportstalk post, I will unveil my #sportstalk curator account to help me maximize curation due to to SP rundown. Create a separate curator account for the SCOT tribe stakings will enhance more improved curation of contents without fear of RC or SP rundown.

Let's stay updated!

You may need to know some other awesome Communities I identify with on Steem

@Steemchurch has been a home here with a special trait of sharing love and freedom. This is a vision of @Sirknight who has sacrificed so much to ensure that 100+ users enjoy love curation (at Zero cost) from @Sniffnscurry. The community in the present is administered by a woman with a brave heart @Darlenys01 and we've had several blessings and prosperity being a part of our community. Joining #Steemchurch is FREE.




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Awesome many congratulations on that

Thank you

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