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Is a Web3 Summer Possible? | HIVE's Potential Path to $100

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Time To Stop Talking Web 3.0 And Time To Build It

Elon Musk made Twitter headlines again. He evidently was mocking the proponents of Web 3.0 with a non-supportive meme. When asked, he…

How We're Using Liquidity Pools to Prepare for a Bear Market

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Why should you join the Hive Community and invest in the Hive Token?

Assessing cryptocurrency token value Developer activity, token utility, and community loyalty are important characteristics of any cry

You Might Just Be An Investment Junkie Like Me

Remember how junkies are always looking for more money to buy narcotics but they are extremely broke and look unkept, and you are…

"The Most Sane" Country In The World

When you look around your tiny corner of the world and than zoom out to get the full perspective, it feels like the world's gone mad...…

Who Sold The Dip?... Cuz I Know Someone Who Bought It

99.9% of the crypto heads on twitter are in disbelief right now... Their favorite asset class is "acting shady", meaning that it doesn't…

Expand the passive earnings by renting unused cards in Splinterlands

What an amazing innovative feature of renting cards in Splinterlands! Beginners can rent cards in order to get the Collection Power to…

AskLeo - At What Point Would You Consider Going ALL IN Crypto? Like Literally All In...

There has been a thought that's been bothering me for a while and after I watched @taskmaster4450 video on Western Europe's not so bright…

Adidas and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Collaboration

I want a bored ape NFT right now so bad because it seems like something the cool kids have. Seeing the adidas collaboration with the…

ETH ATH Inevitable, But HIVE Started All... And I Just Ate My First "Bitcoin Pretzel"

ETH is less than $100 day away, at the moment of writing, of claiming a new ATH and I bet it will do that today. The market has been quite…

Blockchain.com is Gearing Up to Release a New NFT Platform As the Market for Non-Fungible Tokens Explodes!

Blockchain.com is Developing a Massive New NFT Platform Blockchain.com is developing a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).…

The Weekly LBI Contest

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Tuesday, contest time. And who is watching Bitcoin? I was just too busy this week actually surprising…

My Experience with Hive Blockchain (After 1 Year). Leo Finance & Why This May Be The Place For You

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Could This Chart Predict the Next Bitcoin Top (& Bottom)?

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Do you know Lucid Lands (LLG)?

Lucid Land Yes, it was about time to include Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) in these reviews about the world of cryptocurrencies, this time…


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Metaverse Index Token Up 72% in Past 1 Month!

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Probably The Best Time To Onboard Jack Dorsey To Hive. Who's In For An Aggressive Shilling Campaign?

After 16 years at twitter, on several positions from co-founder to CEO, Jack Dorsey posted on twitter today that he's stepping down…

Gods Unchained - How to Use the New and Improved Forge

Gods Unchained is one blockchain game that holds a special place in my heart. I've been playing since 2018 off and on. It was the only…