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Chaos Legion Presales has begun: My strategy

Today's topic among the most discussed is certainly the launch of the Chaos Legion Pre-Sale, which began today with the airdrop of the…

She wants the D-city.

howdy pardner I just wanted to share some updated on my dCity. I've been throwing in HIVE every time I have a little extra. My Income…

1UP Curation delegations for PSYBER X, updates on currently running NFT airdrops, and the road ahead

▶️ Watch on 3Speak **We have been given a delegation of 1UP to use for upvoting the community, and curated PSYBER

League of Kingdoms First Impressions - Perhaps the Most Underrated Blockchian Game Yet

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Daily Quest Reward - Djinn Oshannus (Legendary)

hey Guys, the Season is up and running and the Daily Quests taking fruits. Today i was able to claim the Legendary Djinn Oshannus which…

Blockchain Gaming: My First Season on Rabona

Source I started my journey on blockchain gaming a few weeks back and I created an account on Ra

Daily quest rewards on splinterlands 10-19-21

Hi All, Today started off with me being disappointed because the mobile site wouldn’t let me battle but I quickly jumped onto my laptop w

Daily Quest & Battle Replays - Splinterlands

Win 5 Battles with Earth Splinter Another beautiful day of Splinterlands asking me to win 5 battles with my 2nd favorite Spl

Chaos Legion - Stop a Moment to Appreciate the Art! (+ Giveaway Winner)

In the euphoria of #Splinterlands $VOUCHER airdrop, let's all stop for a moment and appreciate the Chaos Legion artworks shown thus far.…

Celebrating 2 Months of Hive and Splinterlands Growth

Wow, what a ride it's been since my first post on Hive and my first match in Splinterlands. Starting from zero, I am amazed at how quickly…

Gold Cards - Splinterlands

In the Pursuit of More DEC Harklaw My first gold card was Harklaw from the Death Splinter. I purchased him because I saw that for…

Battle of the day: SLOW and steady

Hi All, Today’s Battle I just wanted to showcase what one ability can do to change the tide of any match. The character to be focusing on

Splinterlands daily quest reward 10-18-21

Hi All, Today was rough! The server was under maintenance which made splinterlands unavailable. I was able to eeek out my wins with snea

Daily Quest - Splinterlands

Win 5 Battles with ... DEATH SPLINTER Another day, another Daily Quest in Splinterlands with my favorite Splinter of them all

Daily Quest - Splinterlands

Win 5 Battles with Sneak Another day of Daily Quests and Splinterlands has generously given me a quest that doesn't limit me

Daily Quest Reward on Splinterlands 10-17-21

Hi All, Today splinterlands wanted to be nice to me and offered a stealth quest right off the bat. Ive been holding out to see if

New Purchases - Splinterlands

New Additions to My Deck Sporcerer - Reducer of Armor I recently rented this Earth Splinter monster card and was so impressed I…

The Blockchain Cometh - Splinterlands

Splinterlands in the News! I've been spending a lot of time playing the blockchain game Splinterlands lately. The online card game…

New Purchase - Splinterlands

A New Additiont to My Fire Teams I don't use the Fire Splinter a lot but did notice that I didn't have any Magic users so I thought…

Yesterday's Daily Quest - Splinterlands

Win 5 Battles with Earth Splinter Once again, Splinterlands asked I win 5 battles with my 2nd favorite Splinter which was