LEO Tokenomics

Play To Earn - Splinterlands Value Skyrockets

Play To Earn Splinterlands When it comes to the gaming community fun along with value come hand in hand. As value increases for a

What will be your biggest achievement in your life with the help of POB?


Why DeFi Is The Future

Why DeFi Is The Future DeFi is the future ever since I learned about it because of CubDeFi I've been hooked ever since. The reason…

My Second Memoir Coming This year

I've been a bit silent here on hive the last few weeks as I've been crushing it on new projects which I'm excited to start sharing with…

Mega Corps Are Getting In On Crypto

Mega Corps Buy and Create Crypto It should go as no surprise that mega corps like Paypal, Amazon, Tesla and others are heavily involved…

Polygon (previously MATIC) vs Ethereum

In this head-to-head comparison, we will discover how Polygon is different from Ethereum Blockchain. To know more about Polygon & how it…

Token Burn Event #6

Hello there. Welcome to the token burning event. We've been running the event for a few weeks. We burn some of the tribal tokens by…

1 million POB mined, and what have we learned so far?

ONE MILLION POB The first million out of a possible 21 was delivered on 7/24. In 5 months we reached this mark. As much as we've…

My Rising Star Collection Power.

My Rising Star Collection Power. Few days ago when I am writing a post about my game collection , it come ,across to my mind what is my…

Binance CEO Searches for Someone New to Lead the Company

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao explained that as a company, they should turn from a technology startup to a financial services company, and…

Investing into USA Dividend Stocks As An Asian Investor

I don't live in USA. So let's get that part out of the way. I don't even have visa or say residency of that nation. However here in asia…

Cent/Pob Liquidity Pool Active

Hi. We launched the Hive/Cent pool, our first liquidity pool, two months ago. So far, around $3,000 has been traded in the Hive/Cent pool.…

Crytpo Exposure Is Wanted, Stablecoins Are Holding It Back

More Crypto Exposure Is Needed If you are a big time investor

Not every day will be a victory

Source Not every day we can claim victories. Not all wars will win... And that's the "grace" of life. Even becau

Splinterlands spell book would be better value at $20 than $10.

So double the price and it's better value?? What kind of madness is this? Just hear me out on this one. @Splinterlands is…

Bitcoin is Infectious, Cryptocurrency Is Irresistible...

"Those who turned bears to the markets are liable to FOMO back in at some point" How did JP Morgan suddenly become bitcoin friendly? If…

Bitcoin is rising 220721

Fallen from 36,387 down to a low of 29,572, Bitcoin rises to 32,597 on July 22 2021 ![image.png](

Crypto Winter or Primed For Rally?

Crypto Winter or Primed Rally? When it comes to cryptocurrency

Are Stable Coins Killing The Crypto Dream?

Stable Coins Could Be Killing The Crypto Dream As much as we have all started to love stable coins I question if it's starting to lead…

Staking 1200 POB - 67 in the Richlist !

I staked 1200 POB and I get a delegation of 150. Now I have 1350 POB power being 67 in the richlist here POB richlist *Pr