LEO Tokenomics

CubDeFi Marketing & Training Update/Completion

Just 5 days ago I said I was going to put together some marketing and training for DeFi and target it around CubFinance . You can view…

A Good Product Markets Itself !

Source I've practically stayed away from the crypto markets for like a week p

Can We Now Predict The Moves Of Crypto?

I'd have to say I've gotten pretty good at figuring out the markets by removing a lot of my emotions from it and stepping back and…

Tracking Crypto Success Week 5 - Hive and Tribes

What can I say this will be a weekly thing as it really has helped me keep on top of things. It's also a way to show others what is…

Use Your Brain Crypto Opens Massive Possibilities

I've been devoting a lot of time lately into hive and tribes as of late. There's a number of reasons for this... Build community and…

Spending 80K SIM in dCity: Hoping for the Best

A Big Investment in 2nd Edition Cards I've saved and bought SIM tokens since the game was created and have finally made my way to 400K…

🎂 💥 Three Years on the Hive Blockchain! 💥 🎂

Today I am celebrating my three year anniversary on the Hive blockchain! Exactly three years ago today, I decided to "jump in" and…

SilverGate / Facebook The Next Mass Crypto Adoption

Silvergate Capital Corporation Stock Ticker SI Has announced it is in talks of a CRYPTO partnership with Facebook. Based on this news…

CoinBase president says cryptocurrencies should be more user friendly

Emilie Choi, Coinbase's president and chief operating officer, said that using cryptocurrencies needs to be easier. However it can be seen…

Why Splinterlands NFTs

everybody is talking these days about Elon Musk and Tesla's decision not to sell cars accepting bitcoin payments so what is the big news…

Coinbase Update and What Crypto Will Soon Be Added

Coinbase continues to hit headlines which is a good thing for the company continues on it’s growth from its IPO. In this post I’ll be…

Ethereum Sends Meme Coins Packing

One of the benefits to high fees is the fact that it has a higher barrier to entry. This often times will keep the spam and junk out but…

7 Powerful Hacks To Grow On Hive!

If one thing Lord Varys from Game of Thrones could teach us, it would be this - Knowledge Is Power . Also, Tyrion Lannister …

Curation ratio makes broadhive a good opportunity

Broadhive is a new generic community on hive. It is just two months old community. Recently it attracted the attention due to consecutive…

How Much Will a Stack of Silver Dimes Be Worth?

Great Value in a Small Package It may look like loose change, but this tiny stack of coins may be enough for a week's worth of groceries…

Its a bargain, get one now, its a Stick Up Boys NFT on Rising Star, great music in a great game!

Yo we just got our second record on Rising Star game! The song "Getaway" is one of our classic songs and not only will you get it in game…

The Bull Market Blues

We have seen incredible growth Bitcoin was down around $15,000 6 months ago, and here we are now... 3x plus. Hive was at $0.12 6…

Trodl | Uptrennd Closes Down | 250 TRO tokens for First 10 K

The Story, In Short | Go Get Your 250 TRO Uptrennd was running mighty losses and loss of reputation because of spammers and low-quality…

CHIA Network Update and Some Hype Coins

Should you mine CHIA The other day I wrote about the CHIA network as it's been taking off since May 8th in terms of volume. At the time…

I bought a game for STEAM using my $PIZZA tokens! lots of the games are on SALE!

Hi all the gamers out there! I posted a bit about this before but Hive Pizza has actually opened the testing for its shop and you can…