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Musk Pumps and Musk Dumps!

He pumps and he dumps and all you can do is sit there and take it right? Maybe you bob and weave, and even throw a counter punch right to…

CUB is a BEAST, it says fuck the market FUD!

"What's that? The crypto market is crashing? Really? Well I don't give a fuck!" That's what I see when I look at CUB. It's not taking any…

Leo is inovating but sometimes it is a problem beeing ahead and moving fast

Being ahead of your time and innovate is cool but not always in your advantage. I have personal experience in the matter I lived…

Exponential Growth Through Tokenization


Elon Musk - Hacked, pressured, the Crypto puppet master or coming with a new project?

Yesterday Elon's Twitter account rocked the crypto world in true Wario fashion and pulled a lot of coins of the market. Let`s take a good…

Dogecoin - Missed Signals & Missed Opportunities

While this post has an important emphasis on Dogecoin, let me start with a general question on crypto. What would be your investments if…

Elon Musk does it again

Good day Hiveians! Join me in analyzing the crypto markets!   [With his tweet from 2 days ago he sends BTC and the crypto market…

ScaredyCatGuide's Weekly Money & Crypto Curation // Minnow Support Project Community Curation Initiative

Curation Love for the Money and Cryptocurrency tags courtesy of @msp-curation @minnowsupport project has tasked me with finding…

Ethereum | The run to 5000

Ether was my first coin. I went in when the Ethereum price was around 200. I was new in crypto (not that now I am old) and was…

Already Remote

There's an app here in Romania that's similar to Ebay, where I post whatever stuff I no longer use and think of selling, and also use when…

Time to Panic, Crypto is DED - ETH, BTC, Billionaire Drama

The first story of Vitalik selling his Dog tokens, SHIB and Akita. Keep in mind he didn't buy these coins, or ask for these coins, nor…

Ethereum Sends Meme Coins Packing

One of the benefits to high fees is the fact that it has a higher barrier to entry. This often times will keep the spam and junk out but…

When the Sh*t Coin Mania is Really Pumping You See Disclaimers Like.....

So, the issuance of sh*tcoins of late is something out of the 2017 ICO craze, but atleast this time the exchanges are looking to cover…

How to cancel or unblock transactions on BSC (or Ethereum)

Unsplash Sigh, I knew this day wo

🗞 Daily Crypto News, May, 14th💰

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete News Review, Coin Calendar and Analysis. Enjoy! [🗞 DOJ, IRS Investigating Crypto…

AskLeo - Is Mark Zuckerberg "The Next Bitcoin Goat"?

Before jumping with hate on me, let it be clear that I'm no Zuckerberg fan, nor a Facebook user, on the contrary. It came out today on my tw

Elon Musk does it again and Bitcoin falls...

Source What's up trader friends? Today the Bitcoin has taken an unexpected turn for everyone and has fallen sharply below $50K, all…

The ultimate Rug pull

Now I'm not accusing anybody of anything or claiming I have any information about any of the individuals I mentioned in this article.…

Building the ultimate Decentralized Scammer tracking system, "DefiScamtrak".

Exchange Attacks Over the past few months we have watched as exchange after exchange has been hacked by scammers with no real recourse…

SPinvest Club or no?

Hello SPI'ers. A few weeks back it was mentioned to me that SPinvest should have another go at creating a club. This is something I…