LEO Tokenomics

Uniswap Labs removing tokens: Good for decentralisation

A look at Uniswap’s decision to remove tokens from its front-end and

Web 3.0: A use case for centralized web.

Hey, let me guess, you moved from Steem, Hive or similar platforms to publish0x, Medium or theCapital? Or maybe, the other way round.…

Hedging Some of My Crypto Holdings on the Cheap

This is a very interesting market we are in right now. Has bitcoin and the crypto market in general found its bottom this year or will…

Bitcoin To $40k On Amazon Rumors!

Someone is buying the rumor because bitcoin is pumping hard, hopefully putting some much needed pep in the step of holders everywhere.…

Current Altcoin Season Index top performer: Axie Infinity Shard (AXS)

As we head into August 2021, the current top performer within the Altcoin Sea

LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #31


Is something wrong with Andrei Jikh's crypto portfolio?

Crypto and stock trading are parallels that have existed in their sphere. The distinction between both exists for a multitude of reasons…

The Price of Matic Bounced Off Key Support

After selling off hard the first two weeks of July down to 70 cents, Matic put in a reversal candle at that support level and bounced.…

I would rather Earn Crypto🤓

Anytime you read about crypto or Bitcoin the word “invest” is always associated with it. The media loves to put stupid captions like “If…

Why DeFi Is The Future

Why DeFi Is The Future DeFi is the future ever since I learned about it because of CubDeFi I've been hooked ever since. The reason…

Jacks plan to fork Bitcoin may be the end of Bitcoin as we know it


Living On The Second Layers

Since I am in the mood of talking about the era of abundance this weekend and tackled yesterday the story of a 12 years old kid who…

The Bull Run is Back On Folks! (and Maybe USDT is about to Burn!)

Blessed day beautiful humans! As of this typing, Bitcoin is over $39k - up about 20% yesterday

Price of RUNE hanging onto key support despite latest hack

The price of RUNE bounce off the 3.50 area support after selling down into it once again, spurred by the latest hack that involved an…

Uniswap Removes Tokens From Main Interface!

This might actually be a good thing for decentralized exchanges and web 3 in general, but just how decentralized is Uniswap if the company…

Up Only?!

I honestly wouldn't want to be as near as 100 meters away from a Bitcoin shorter right now. This thing(Bitcoin) has simply exploded the…

The future of blockchain technology is NEAR.

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Is the moment that people move away from Ethereum NEAR New projects come along every day. And…

How does THORChain (RUNE) work?

A detailed look into the intricate mechanics of the THORChain network. THORChain is a Tendermint-based blockchain. As

Welcome To The Era of Abundance... Can You Handle It?

The era of abundance is a concept of @taskmaster4450 that was mentioned by him in quite a few posts over time, and abusively used by…

Blockchain games could be the key to onboarding the next generation of Hodlers

Yesterday, I and @young-boss-karin were on the phone for quite a while, talking about Splinterlands, and related issues. In the…