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know investment

Investment is the choice of assets to be invested in, Investment in Indonesia is currently widely used by people who use applications to…

2022 : Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has begun

Hi hivers and crypto lovers..., I hope this year which has been running for the few

Harga Token HIVE Kembali Menukik

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My First Christmas Eve After a Year

I want to share my experience on Christmas Eve in 2021 after Christmas Eve celebrations were held at home in 2020. At Christmas Eve…

It's Not About Who First To Start This Way, But Who Remains Consistent

There is one rule that until now I still believe, the failure of someone in mastering a thing or developing at one field is not measured…

Ghozali Ghozalu, a man from Indonesia who became rich because of crypto

ghozali ghozalu man from Solo, Central Java, Indonesia who is being talked about a lot on social media, especially twitter, this first…

Splinterlands Season 63 Chest Opening (Main Account and Botting)

Greetings and Happy New Year 2022. I hope in this year may bring all of us wealth , health , and wonderful times with our loved ones…