LEO Tokenomics

Calculator Tactics And Being The Store Weirdo

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Buying In Bulk Is The Best || Saving Money Done Right

source Buying things you need is

Decentralized Shower Thoughts | Wallets Are Weird

source The concepts of wallets and the use of them have existed since the beginn

Buy Buy Cent and bet it

Greetings friends of hive happy Thursday to all taking a look at the prices of the chips these days most have lowered their price hive has…
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Tips from the ⒶⓃⓄⓃⓎⓂⓄⓊⓈ international team

#@#⛔ Be honest about your level of knowledge We need to be aware all year round! As Consumers, Professionals, Subject, Parents, and…


I'm just firing this one out to see if people read these things. Of if they just see text and pictures and figure, "Oh looks good." This…

BTC and POND token Update

Bitcoin is now trading at the local support of $38,300-$38,500. If BTC unable to hold above this support level then we will see a retest…
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Pledgeling : The simple way to build charitable giving into your business

Pledgeling is a software platform that provides technical solutions for private companies and a charitable API…

Radi.Cards : Send unique crypto eCards for charity

Radi.Cards A fun way to support good NGOs open source RadiCards RadiCards allows you to send encryption cards to your friends and…

Sports continues to fall as I publish it and it's time to buy

Greetings friends in my publication this morning I said that it would continue to fall in price and I have waited for this to invest in…

Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 7 - #Jahm 02.18.2021 - 02.19.2021

Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 7 - #Jahm 02.18.2021 - 02.19.2021. Greetings to all! Today is the…
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Dec 16, 2015 Bitcoin $450 Dec 16, 2016 Bitcoin $750 Dec 16, 2017 Bitco ...

Dec 16, 2015 Bitcoin $450 Dec 16, 2016 Bitcoin $750 Dec 16, 2017 Bitcoin $20,000 Dec 16, 2018 Bitcoin $3,500 Dec 16, 2019 Bitcoin…
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Bowel Research UK is a company that funds life-changing research in bowel cancer and other bowel diseases

And the leading charitable organization specializing in bowel cancer and disease research You can donate to the lives of others and end…

Crypto Companies Taking PPP Bailouts - Blockchain Posers Exposed

Hey Jessreal deal As you all well and truly know by now, that I am a huge Bitcoin bull, I think it's the world's best chance at…


мутанто-охоронне відповідь на питання: «Яких людей варто занести до Червоної книги як вимираючий вид?» депутата Держдуми…

Cloning for the most daring fighters

Клонування для найзухваліших бійців |в мене немає власної країни, але найбільше вболіваю за У-країну, якій зараз повезло: 2 найкращі…

unsere U-Boote

у всюдильотів немає проблеми непрохідності |я проти допотопних пердомобілів, трохи підтримую електротачки з автопілотом, але насправді…

96% of people are primitive sweethearts, every realist:)

на 96% люди - примітивні мавпочки, кожен реаліст:) Але це не привід сумувати. Власна свідомість, загашена суспільною вірою сопляшечників…

CDO, De Ja Vu - The CLO It's More Toxic Successor

Hey JessInvestors If you have not already seen the movie The Big Short (is available on Netflix), then I highly suggest you do so after…

Altcoin Complexity Theatre & The Bitcoin Black Hole

Hey Jesscoiners The world of altcoins may be quiet by 2017 standards but it is non the less a wild west of majority failing products and…