LEO Tokenomics

The Future Of DeFi - The Evolution

All the new hype around CUB as of the last two days has got me excited and writing about DeFi more than any other topic. It's because the…

Investing idle money, More Leo, More Cubs, and other good stuff

The price of Leo token has been on the wrong side of 50 cents for a while now, and in that time, I have taken the opportunity to throw…

Blockchaingaming.com are looking to get more involved with Hive.

Blockchaingaming.com and their accelerator program. What is it? The Blockchain Gaming Accelerator is a symbiotic project…

# Splinter Stats Season 51 Report Card

@scooter77 Here is my latest season ending report. Splinterlands is getting more traction as the price of cards increases. Now UNTAMED…

# Back In Force! - Splinter Stats Season 51 Report Card

@khazrakh Well, this has been a pretty good season for me. Although I still didn't play as many battles as I did during lockdown, I've…

Hive Token Update 27

My weekly update to the different Hive-Engine tokens and their movement over the last week. $LEO $LEO has had a relatively…

Bitcoin above 40k, Deck value doubles, Cubs are feeling the kingdom and other good stuff.

There has been a lot of activity in the market lately, and it has affected me in multiple ways. On the general market, Bitcoin has been…

Splinterlands airdrop gave my deck a major boost

Scrolling through Hive is one of my favourite hobbies because it is very rewarding. Every time I scroll through the timeline, I always…

WAXP (Wax) - Worth Buying?

I was first attracted to Wax when it became possible to sell @splinterlands cards on the chain, and having played around on the Wax…

MY JOURNEY @SPLINTERLANDS - The Collection worth more then $5000

Hello all @splinterlands lovers, @splinterlands is one of the best game I come across on blockchain. Their was a time when I used to…

Mimosa Nightshade-My first ever gold foil legendary summoner yoo ;)

Mimosa Nightshade-Black beauty of Mortis LunaPic rocks :p I didn't know we can create wonders using Lunapic. Today when I…

Splinterlands Sunday!:  Splinterships Pilot Program


FREE Level 3 LORD ARIANTHUS Delegation (Splinterlands)

LORD ARIANTHUS LORE: While passing through the galaxy on his starship, the great and powerful Lord Arianthus noticed signs of life on…

SPS VS Cubfinance: Which One Which

SPS VS Cubfinance: So having been on a hiatus when the CUB craze began, arriving when getting in would have been relatively expensive…

Daily Splinterlands Report #544 Quick giveaway inside! june 16, 2021


Finally! Scored A Great Airdrop on Splinterlands

Hi Everyone, If you have been a follower of mine, you would know I'm a huge of Splinterlands. It is pretty much the first blockchain…

Did "YGG" purchased Splinterland's Land? Splinterland's is ready to penetrate in ETH gaming community now.

Did "YGG" purchased Splinterland's Land? Splinterland's is ready to penetrate in ETH gaming community now. Splinterland's recently made…

You can't forget your first love - Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge

Yo Splinterlands community, I hope your enjoying this marvelous time, when every two minutes a big news pops out: SPS are coming …

The Mooning - Splinterlands

Source So check this out, a pack of Splinterlands card

SplinterLands:: Lucky to Receive - THE HERO BEYOND AirDrop Card

Hey All; The SplinterLands team made an announcement today with respect to the 14th and FINAL Untamed Airdrop Card Revealed! If…