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Becoming an NFT collector on Splinterlands

I’m changing my entire Splinterlands strategy. I came across a post I wrote last year, I was speculating on some legendary gold foils and

HBD stabilization, Gambling, Diesel pools... - 129th 🐯 curation

@HODLCommunity presents to you the 128th LeoFinance Curation Post We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the most i

It's Crypto Mondays - Get! Use! Grow!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak So everyone knows....The markets have been crazy the pas

Splinterland's : My half full SPS glass, 125000 SPS stake complete.

Splinterland's : My half full SPS glass, 125000 SPS stake complete. Actually, Below is my screenshot of yesterday when 183th day of…

Bitcoin Outperforms Stock and Gold third year in a row: What Next in 5 years?

At this intense technology evolution age everyone looking opportunity where they can make asset and multiply there capitals. [Source](

Veteran Monsters with Close Range ability from Chaos Legion - My top 3 picks


Splinterlands | Chaos Legion Cards I'm Buying !

I made my plans for the Chaos Legion general sale in Splinterlands last time around (See

Types of Blockchain Games - Mini Guide Series (1) from Akara9

Finding Games is about the easiest thing any Gamer's plan can be on a fine Morning, whether he/she is searching on the Google Play Store…

Splinterlands - How Popular is Splinterlands.com?

Yesterday I wrote about participation of players in guild brawls and it appear to have been received positively. So I am somewhat…

Bear market plans::: getting two legendary gold foil from packs opening

Bear market has thought me one thing so far. that I should do everything I can to stack up more and be consistent in this period. The…

Buying gold foil legendaries. 4 for $400. Bargain.

I love a good bargain. Yes, It's a lot of money. But with the way that splinterlands has gone in the past twelve months I would…

How Much 1UP Can You Earn From Delegating to Oneup-Curator?

As you would know, I have an interest in analysing the curation rewards of different tokens. Previously, I have posted the statistics of…

Splinterlands Overview

Join Today! Over the last couple of months, I have

The Big Hive Report / Goals and What's Next for Hive

The Big Hive Report / Goals and What's Next for Hive I haven't

#MyHiveGoals - The Only 3 Things That Matter In Crypto!

Are we having fun yet?? I'm no expert and have never claimed to be, but I'm pretty sure the market sentiment right now is...'Bearish'…

Splinterlands - Limited Brawl Participation?

Splinterlands a couple days ago hit a milestone. The game had ran over a 1 billion battles. It is not clear if the battles included…

Splinterlands - Individual Card Rising Prices?

This may sound odd with current crypto market going down then why would Splinterlands cards appear to be holding up their value. Is this…

# Splinter Stats Season 65 Report Card

@jfang003 There is less than a week left in this season so it's time for another report card. I have obviously slacked off quite a bit…

DragonSushi Update 1.25.22 We moved up the buyback wall ahead of schedule! Margin of Safety increased!

Hello everyone thanks for stopping for by for the DragonSushi update today, January 25th 2022. We are moving ahead of schedule with the buyb

Splinterlands share your battle. Feral Spirit.

Feral Spirit, a feisty little minx. For this weeks share your battle post the team has chosen one of my favorite cards for my favorite…