How much can you earn with Splinterlands?

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A couple of days ago, I was involved in a discussion on discord about splinterlands and whether it is actually worth playing this game from a financial point of view.

considering the time and money investment, is it worth to play Splinterlands?

When I was having this discussion, my problem was that I didn't have the relevant data to answer the question. This changed yesterday while I was reading a post by @khazrakh about his previous season. The details of the stats impressed me. From card usage, win rates to the detail of the income, everything was present. I then realised that he was using a tool that is actually available to everybody!

Get your own Season Report Card

It took me only a couple of minutes to check out my own stats.

Season 43 was a very bad season for me. I can't remember when was the last time that I didn't reach champions league at the end of a season. Anyways, this will be the season that we will analyze.

How to calculate a return for my Splinterlands activity

To evaluate whether it's worth to play this game, I need to define several points. I only play the daily quests and at the season, I might do some additional games to reach my targets.

How long do I spend on the game?

I'm playing with 4 different accounts and I play them all at the same time. I normally play between 15 and 40 minutes per day to reach the daily quest. Of course the duration can fluctuate quite a lot also regarding the splinter that I get for the quests. During a season, I often miss a day or two.

A season lasts 14 days. Let's say that I play 13 days per season and 30 minutes per day. This means I invest about 6.5 hours per season into the game.

How much do I earn?

Since I play with 4 different accounts, I need to add together what I earn with all of them:

  • account 1 (Diamond I): 18'359 DEC
  • account 2 (Diamond II): 14'076 DEC
  • account 3 (Diamond II): 13'679 DEC
  • account 4 (Silver II): 3'725 DEC

Total earnings: 49'839 DEC -> 117 Hive -> 35 $ (with prices valid 17.2.2021)

Value of my investment in the game

According to sm-voters_hut in splinterlands discord:

  • account 1: 2158.5 $
  • account 2: 1210.28 $
  • account 3: 975.75 $
  • account 4:169.45 $

Total value of my accounts 4513.98$

Return for playing Splinterlands

(35/14365) / 4513.98 100 = 20.21% APR

How to interpret these numbers

First of all, it's important to realize that all these numbers are valid only for accounts of my size. If you have bigger accounts, you will earn more. If you have smaller accounts, you will earn less. When I look at the number in relation to the league that is achieved per season, I think that accounts reaching the same league, earn roughly the same amounts of rewards.

If I look at the time factor, I earn about 5.4 $ per hour playing the game. This seems not much for people living in the first world but for people living in countries where averages salaries are much lower, this doesn't seem too bad.

I believe that if I played longer every day, the earning rate would rather go down because a big part of the earnings are composed by the daily quests.

If I look at these numbers from an investment point of view, the return on investment seems to be about 20.2% APR. This is certainly not a bad number. What we have to take into consideration is that I effectively invested about 500 $ into the game. The remaining value comes from keeping the rewards and reinvesting them into the game.

If I calculate the return on my initial investment, I would be now at a return of 182.5% APR!

So is it worth to play Splinterlands?

Since you need time and money to play the game to actually earn, it's difficult to evaluate which factor, return on investment or return on time, is more important in evaluating the game.

In a way it's up to each of us to answer this question. If I can earn some money while having fun playing a game, I don't say no. The fact that the value of my accounts are growing over time is another indicator that seems to answer this question in a positive way.

*What do you think? Is it worth playing Splinterlands for you?

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