900 Chaos Legion packs purchased and airdrop dreams

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It has taken a while but I'm pleased to say that I've finally accumulated enough funds to purchase another 110 packs that pushed my grand total to 901 packs. This is as a result of many weeks of saving and accumulation.

Note that my plan for the entire airdrop period was to buy 1000 packs in total. Yet, here I am, just around half way through the airdrop period, with my target one major purchase away.

This victory and investment are all thanks to the support and encouragement that I get from people around here. So for that, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone.

My last purchase of 110 packs was actually more stressful than previous purchases because of my current situation. However, despite the situation, I decided to take my chances by gambling on a few packs.

The end game is to hold a decent number of Chaos Legion packs when scarcity kicks in at the end of the sale. At that point, I expect the price of the packs to be somewhat inflated.

By my standards, this is quite a lot of money but I need to know I tried. Natually, there's no assurance of anything monumental coming out of this venture.

In fact, looking at the state of the market right now that packs are being sold for around $3 on Hive dexes, the future of my investment isn't exactly looking too enticing.

If I were to speculate, I'd say that the profit is probably going to come around like 1 year after the sale ends. It could take longer or shorter, we'll have to wait and see.

In any case, packs will be very useful for my future Splinterlands activities because they represent my route back into the game after I sell all my NFTs in the game. Selling packs will enable me to buy back or rent most of the monsters I will sell.

Anyway, in the current phase of Chaos Legion packs, I've now added a cumulative of 220 packs to my collection. There's no assurance but I think this places me in good standing to benefit from the airdrop.

In the last airdrop, I got a gold foil carnage titan, but I seriously doubt I'll be that lucky this time. If I do get lucky though, I'd be absolutely grateful.

It is pretty amazing how the value derived from the sale of just one gold foil legendary can account for a large percentage of what I invested to buy the packs.

I'll not be expecting another gold foil but I'll certainly be hoping it comes my way. I believe the next set of monsters on the way are summoners, so a gold foil version should be valuable.

Well, the most important thing at the end of the day is that I've now bought a total of 901 packs and I'm just 99 more packs away from joining the cool kids club. I intend to continue buying packs along the way, but it won't be in the 100s anymore.

I'll be picking up one or two packs here and there, slowly building my account and trying to get more value from my investment. After that, I hope things work in my favour, and really, there's not much else I can do beyond that.

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12 mo

Your dedication to splinter land is crazy

12 mo

I have to risk big to win big.

12 mo

Hmmmmm... makes sense and kind of sounds familiar


Nice, think I will try get more packs also just for an increased chance of drops but think I will struggle too much to get the 450 I require for a guaranteed one. The upside is I finally got my land today after being a dumbass and not buying when they came out so all good. Goodluck !PIZZA



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12 mo

Wow, that's a lot of packs! Definitely hope that this investment pays off for you - will require some patience for sure.



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