Ask Leo: If You Could Whale Up On One Leo/Hive Token Which Would It Be?

14 days ago
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I read a pretty remarkable post yesterday from @empoderat
( about becoming a crypto millionaire and it got me thinking.

If I could suddenly be a whale in one of the Hive/Leo tokens which would it be? I'm not talking about being a millionaire per say, just being a whale. Let's say 100,000 tokens.

I'm not someone who understands a lot of tokenomics, I can't even really figure out Cub farming, so I really don't come at this from an analytical perspective. It's just gut feeling.

The choices are pretty much Hive, any hive tribe, Cub and Project Blank. Let me know if I'm leaving out something.

For me, Hive and all tribes except Leo are out. Hive is a great blockchain but onboarding is hard and the base layer right now is pretty lonely if you're new. (or even old like me)

Hive has value and the price will most likely go up in a bull market but it's not my choice.

Cub is intriguing but not for me. I'm not a defi guy but Cub is the first thing that really takes us off the hive blockchain and gives us mass exposure and mass appeal. If I was a trader I might want to be a whale in Cub.

So that brings me to Leo. It just seems like Leo is the "Captain's Chair" for all of this stuff. It has value and you can move from Cub to anything on Hive with ease. It's also the easiest place to earn more tokens. (Well except for the Cub den)

My initial thought is that I'd want to be a whale in Project Blank because it will be the most fun and appeal to a wider range of audiences than any of the others but I don't know how it hooks into Leo.

My guess is that it will be completely independent and we'd all be starting from scratch as far as earning. The airdrop will be great but once we leave the nest I think we are on our own.

We already know that Leo has value and the value of project blank is up in the air at the moment. So while I prefer Project Blank I can't move off of Leo for my choice.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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