Voting Escrow xPOLYCUB (vexPolyCub) Global Countdown Starts Today: Earn An Amazing 86.77% APY

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Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

It's another time to get deeper into the happenings around the LeoFinance ecosystem. Today, I bring to you the Voting Escrow xPOLYCUB (vexPolyCub) countdown that begins today and will last for the next two years. Stay tuned as we take a look at what you'll gain by joining the train.



My post yesterday came in a question format and it's entitled: What'll be your net $value, if you lock $100 worth xPolyCub into vexPolyCub for 2 years. This is amazing because, it's no longer a news, it's now a reality for all those that have xPolyCub in their wallets to stake vexPolyCub and lock it for two years.

I'll end this by saying, risk is part of the cryptoverse and not taking risk is risky in itself, so, I'll prefer to plan and save up to $100 worth xPolyCub in order to lock it up in my vexPolyCub to attain my goal.Source

It's time to put words into action, because the dream of now a reality.

*What does it entail to participate in vexPolyCub countdown

There are 2 main reasons to stake xPOLYCUB into vexPOLYCUB: Fixed 20% APY 3x Governance Power Note:* that the UI shows 86.77% APY on vexPOLYCUB staking. This is because you still earn your xPOLYCUB yield when you stake xPOLYCUB into vexPOLYCUB. The xPOLYCUB that you stake is always increasing but so is the vexPOLYCUB that you stake. That's how you get the stacked yield of 86.77% (66.77% xPOLYCUB yield + 20% fixed vexPOLYCUB yield).Source

The main reason why you need to join this vexPolyCub staking is because you can earn an amazing 20% + 66.77% APY, which no platform has ever offered any users for this long.

Like I said yesterday, if one stake $100 worth vexPolyCub for straight two years for 86.77% APY, it might run into thousands of dollars. I might be wrong in my calculations, but it'll be very nice idea to join the countdown and stake to earn more rewards for yourself.

My advise for everyone on the LeoFinance ecosystem is to join the vexPolyCub platform to get their desired financial freedom. $100 worth xPolyCub isn't too big for a risk that'll bring huge rewards to you and your family at the long run.

Take my advise in order not to regret after two years.

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