When Do Hivers Post And Vote The Most?

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This is an interesting topic to look at for Hive. Where do hivers post and vote the most?
Having in mind Hive is a global community posting and voting time can vary a lot. Different time zones etc. Can users optimize their posting time so they catch more votes?

This is an interesting point so here we go. Data about when Hivers vote.


I have made a similar analysis like this one back in June 2020 When Do Hivers Vote TheMost?. A lot of time has passed since then, the HIVE price has up and downs, time to revisit.

Here I will be running the data for posting and voting time in parallel, so users can compare them. We will be looking at the days of the week and the hours of the days week for posting and voting/curating activities. At the end a heatmap will be presented.

We will be analyzing a four week period, March 29 to April 25.

The time is in UTC. You can compare it with your local time zone here: https://time.is/UTC


First the hours. Lets take a look what time of the day Hivers post and vote the most in the period.


Note again on the UTC time.

On the posting side we can see that there is a clear trend, where there is more posting between 13h to 21h UTC, with a peak somewhere around 16h.
Between 1 and 4, there is the lowest number of posts. The ratio of the post in the low hours to high hours is almost 1:2.

On the voting/curating side there is less of a pattern, and a weird spike in 6h. But overall we can see a similar trend here just not as clear one. The 12h to 23h period seems overall a more active one. Curating is more automated operation but we can still see changes in the time of voting.

The data above is a sum of all the posts in these hours for the period analyzed.


Now that we have seen the hours data, lets take a look at the days. What days of the week Hivers post and vote the most?

What days of the week Hivers post and vote the most?


A clear trend on the posts here. Monday and Tuesday are the days with the highest numbers of post, while the weekend not as much. Although the difference is not that high between them.

Similar pattern for the votes, although interesting Sunday has a bit more votes then Saturday, so maybe hivers want just to read and curate on Sunday.


Combing the days and hours and we get the heat map.
First the posts:


We can see that Monday between 14h and 20h is quite busy. Overall, the 14h to 20h are having more posts, same as from the hours chart. The 1 to 4 period is more quite.

The votes heatmap** looks like this.


Again, vote seems more random than post. Some spikes happening randomly between hours and days. Although there is more activity in the period as for the posts, that is 13h to 21h. Again Sunday looks more busy for voting then Saturday. Between 1h and 4h is obviously more quite for voting as well.

Here are the two heat maps.


These are a bit smaller, but we can still do some comparison.
The numbers of posts have clearly a larger differentiation, or bigger oscillation so to speak then the votes. Votes are more evenly spread. They drop more in the off hours so to speak between 0 and 5, than the number of votes. This is probably because of the autovotes. The votes drop as well in those hours but not as much as the posts. The peak hours are still the same.

What do you think? From the above seems that Sunday might be the best day to post. A lot of votes and not that much of a posts 😊.

All the best

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