My Hive Goals for 2023

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This is a short sum-up table with the state of my goals in easier TLDR form. The table has only some information, so if you want details, they can be found in the post.

Current State/Other Selection CriterionGoals Matching the Criterion
Ongoing4 (HP + HBD Savings, LEO Staked, Comments Made, DEC Saved)
Main goals3 (HP + HBD Savings, LEO Staked, Comments Made)
Goals1 (DEC Saved)


The time has come to talk about my Hive goals for 2023 in detail.

While I succeeded in achieving all of my financial goals for Hive in 2022 and only missed the increased target for comments made, there are lessons to be learned from last year.

First of all, I used plenty of funds outside the Hive ecosystem to reach especially the HIVE Power goal. I don't want that to be the same situation this year. I believe I have or can build enough sources of income inside the ecosystem so that I can base my targets on them. In that regard, the combination of stretch goals for both HP and Splinterlands prevented me to use some Splinterlands gains toward the HP goal, for example. I didn't anticipate that when I had set my goals for 2022. In fact, my initial goals for 2022 only included HP and HBD. Splinterlands' goals came later, officially.

Something else that I had to do in 2022 to achieve most of my goals was to stop my HBD goal in favor of HP and even use a good portion of the HBD savings to fund the purchases of HIVE. In a way, HBD is another missed goal, although that's a deliberate action taken sometime mid-year.

That's why one of my important ideas for this year's Hive goals was to create a main goal that includes both HP and HBD in savings. One main goal, not two, and with two ways to calculate progress, both in HIVE and in HBD, and two separate targets. If one of the targets is hit, the goal is achieved. You will see the details below. That should allow a good degree of independence of the market evolution over the year, but it is the first time I try something like this, and time will tell if my targets are realistic or will need some adjustments later on.

Then, there's the main goal for the LEO stake, about which I already talked.

And the third and last main goal is not a financial one. Like in 2022, I will have a goal for comments made.

I've been asked if posting every day will be one of my goals in 2023. While I'd like to continue doing that, I won't hold myself accountable for posting every day, so I won't set such a goal.

On the Splinterlands side, after some feedback, I decided to call land the main focus, instead of a goal. And under it, there will be land-related goals.

And the first goal under land is to save up DEC going forward. I have a target in mind, but the target is flexible and depends on the timeframes we'll have before different land use cases for DEC are released, and what sources I use to grow that number. Where exactly I'll keep DEC and under what form I'm still looking into while I have almost no DEC.

For all targets announced in this post, I use a snapshot taken yesterday (for HP+HBD, that's before my 1k powerup for HPUD, for example).

To wrap up, this year my goals are structured like this: main goals (focus) - 6-12 months goals - 1-3 months weekly tasks

Weekly tasks are small things I want to accomplish every week, different every week (sometimes repeating), and they can be buying some tokens, adding liquidity to some diesel pools, or something effort-based. Many of them won't be shared publicly before the end of the week (if at all), because liquidity on most tokens on Hive-Engine is very low.

And now the details:

HIVE Power (HP) + HBD in Savings Main Goal

This is what my goal looks like in a spreadsheet:


Looks complicated? It isn't.

All I need to do is update the price of HBD and HIVE every week and their current amounts. Everything else is automated.

On the first row with progress numbers, amounts are in HBD. On the row below, amounts are in HIVE.

So, my target for the total HP + HBD in savings at the end of 2023 is either 12500 in HBD-equivalent (4749 needed), starting off from 7751 HBD-equivalent, or the target is 45000 HIVE-equivalent, starting off from 27061 HIVE-equivalent (17939 needed).

When I say 4749 in HBD-equivalent is needed, that includes both HBD in savings and HIVE Power (converted to HBD in this formula).

When I say 17939 HIVE-equivalent is needed, that includes both HIVE Power and HBD in savings (converted to HIVE in this formula).

If at the end of 2023 I'll have either 12500 in HBD-equivalent or* 45000 in HIVE-equivalent, this goal is achieved. Otherwise, it's missed.

The way this main goal is set, it should be relatively safe against market fluctuations throughout 2023. If HIVE goes down (or stays constant) in price, it should be easier to amass more HIVE, making it easier to reach the HIVE target. If HIVE goes up, its value in HBD goes up, and then the HBD-equivalent target is easier to reach.

LEO Staked Main Goal

I increased my LEO staking goal to some degree compared to last year. Starting from 10500 LEO, I'll need about 1000 LEO staked every month or 231 every week to reach the 22.5k LEO staked final target at the end of 2023.


Splinterlands Land Expansion Main Focus

Land expansion main focus extends throughout 2023. Unless I will change the strategy, it will be the only main focus / main goal for Splinterlands in 2023. But there will be several 1-3 months goals.

First Land-Related Goal: DEC Saved

I'm starting this goal with zero DEC saved, since I used it all and more to max out the Chaos Legion edition.

I'm still thinking through the details for this one, as there are many unknowns. The form under which I'll save DEC is still to be determined. For now, I decided on SWAP.HIVE:DEC, but that might change. The timeframe is not known yet, but in my opinion, should be at most 1-1,1/2 months before I'll need them (for the first time). There is no target amount, for now. Most of my Splinterlands income that is not staked or in other diesel pools will focus on growing my DEC holdings for the time being.

Comments Made

My target for comments made (which is a main goal this year), is 18000 by the end of the year.

Starting from 11915, that would amount to about 117 comments per week. That's achievable.

A more ambitious target (but which is only a desire, not a target) is to have at least 500 comments made every month, which would result in 125 comments made per week, on average.

While 125 in normal weeks should be fine, there were weeks when I couldn't pull off even 120. So I don't want to turn comments made into a stretch goal this year. There are enough things to do. If 500 a month can be done through my normal activity, fine, if not, my target is 18000 by the end of the year.

These are my initial goals. Unless I change my strategy, I don't expect to see any other main goals this year. Regular goals (the ones that last up to 3 months) will be added from time to time. And obviously, weekly tasks are... weekly.

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