LeoGlossary: Dark Energy Crystal (DEC)

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SplinterGlossary: Dark Energy Crystal (DEC)

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) is one of the three tokens of the Splinterlands ecosystem, together with SPS and VOUCHER.

If we count the SPT tokens rewarded for blogging on Splintertalk (or by using the 'spt' tag), that's four tokens.

It is designed as the stable token of the ecosystem, while SPS is free to be volatile.

Ideally, 1000 DEC should have a loose price of around 1 USD, per design. That is the store value of DEC when purchasing products from Splinterlands directly.

The current dynamics between SPS and DEC and their roles in the ecosystem are slated to change, to better reflect the statuses of each of the tokens.

While today DEC is the reward token within the game, SPS will take that role. That will reduce the inflation of DEC close to zero, helping its value keep close to the store value from the downside.

A burning mechanism of 1 USD worth of SPS for 1000 DEC will be implemented, to prevent DEC from pumping above its intended value.

DEC can be used to:

  • buy products on the primary market (from Splinterlands)
  • buy and sell cards on the secondary market
  • rent cards from the rental market
  • upgrade guild buildings
  • add to liquidity pools on Hive-Engine, BSC, and Polygon, and earn rewards

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