To Play or Not Both Formats in Splinterlands?

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I watched a video by @achim03 this morning, where he says it was a mistake that he only played the Wild format and completely neglected Modern, to the point where he dropped to Bronze.

When I commented on his post I was firmly convinced I should not try to play Modern, mainly because I tried it for a bit when the formats first launched and Wild seemed more comfortable for me.

The problem is, what if the situation changes, and I need the Modern alternative?

By not playing it, as Achim remarked, I drop 1 full league every season until my rating goes to zero and I start as a novice. And then (as Achim already experienced), I'd have to go through the bot barrage in bronze to advance, if I ever needed to play Modern.

In theory, it would be great if I had both Modern and Wild formats at my level of comfort, meaning Diamond-Champion, and as alternatives to each other.

I see several issues with accomplishing that: they share the same ECR pool if there will be ECR boost potions in the future, *I don't want to play more; I play enough already on a daily basis (if that becomes a norm, I'll consider renting my cards out or botting my account) assuming somehow I bring my Modern rating to the Diamond League, seasons aren't long enough for me to go to CL3 in Wild and even to mid-higher Diamond in Modern, meaning in Modern, I'll probably slide down in leagues again (because I'll start from lower gold leagues, and then possibly silver)

  • to not go for CL3 in Wild and give more time to Modern to rank up seems like a bad decision (start in the Gold League, play for Diamond chests instead of Champion ones)

Elite players can afford this duality. If one reaches the desired CL tier in about half a season in Wild, then they can easily switch to the Modern format and rank up as high as possible there. And they will have plenty of time to do it.

It's also a very good option for players who are capped by their collection power to rank up, but they can do well in both formats.

In Modern format I dropped to Silver III currently:


If there's a time to start climbing again, if I want Modern as an alternative, this is it.

But, I listed above a bunch of reasons why I believe this would be a pretty bad idea for me.

Do you have some counterarguments for my case? And how do you manage the two formats situation?

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