How To Invest In Splinterlands Without Playing The Game | Tutorial

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The Hive ecosystem is expanding with opportunities on the rise consistently and so is Splinterlands. Have you ever wanted to tap into the opportunities Splinterlands offers and don't have time to play the game or are not keen on playing? If yes, then there are other aspects of the game that one can earn without playing the game like staking, and liquidity pools, which could also be buying and selling or renting of cards

Investing in card packs like Chaos Legion and Riftwatchers also presents another side of the game to invest in without actively playing.

I took us through the above possibilities, and where to buy SPS and DEC tokens.

Owning assets like Land is another option that presently earns land owners SPS daily.

An aspect I didn't touch on in the video tutorial is also owning a License node which also earns daily SPS at present.

With all these possibilities anyone can tap into Splinterlands to take advantage of the opportunities present without battling it out against monsters and summoners on the battlefield.

Please do not take this as financial advice, it is mainly for educational purposes only.

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