Is MicroSoft Decentralized Identity A Really Good idea

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I came across the article stating that Microsoft is introducing a Decentralized Internet where users are fully in control of their online identities. This is going to be possible through their Open Source Identity Overlay Network (ION) Decentralized Identifier (DID). This technology is going to be operating based on that of the bitcoin blockchain technology. This innovation enhances online privacy protection.


While this sounds like a good idea, i can’t help but look at the downside and try to weigh between the good and the bad. Cyberattack is one of the major problems a lot of people experience online.
Don’t you think that this act will increase the rate of cyber attacks and with this increase, it will be much harder to track most of the cyber criminals because in this case their identities are hidden. Won’t this method enhance the rate at which cyber criminals operate? I feel this innovation will favor the cyber criminals more than it will favor the genuine internet users.

This is just a question and am open to ideas and suggestions.

@thankmelaterguys gives some details about Microsoft and DID.

In this article it's states that in this era of government surveillance, hack's, security breaches and high profile cancellations, where the internet giant have unlimited access and control over users online profiles, data, credentials, Microsoft is helping to build a decentralized technology that help the users to be fully in control of their own virtual identities just like Bitcoin.

Check it out Microsoft Using Bitcoin to Let People Own and Protect Their Decentralized Virtual Identity

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