LEO Being Sold For 0.01 Hive! WTF?

I was just now checking the price of LEO on LeoDex and was having a look at the recent trades. What I saw was a series of trades made in…

Hacked? How to check & change your vesting route

Have you been hacked? Did someone set a vesting route change on your account? Wtf is a vesting route? Vesting route is a lesser known…
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The Hive Of Polarity: Information Underload And Questioning The Emperor's Clothing

This post is an Ask Hive of sorts without particular expectation of answers - it's perhaps more like asking Hive to consider what…

Some Positive Vibes! WTF Is BTC Really And Can We Put A Face To Satoshi?

For various reasons, the Krunk has not been posting to LeoFinance for a while, although I do keep up with reading, voting and…

Tails - An Airgap OS For Privacy & Security To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Keys Safe

Not your keys, not your crypto! Everyone in the crypto space has heard this phrase before, but few really take it to the next level. The…

Taking Profits - Further Considerations

It is with some concern that I already see a substantial amount of talk about taking profits. This is especially applicable to…

Cub Finance, Metamask And Ledger Hardware Wallet - Troubleshooting Connection (Tx Signing) Issue + Solution

I have a Ledger Nano S which is connected to my Metamask account. My Metamask account is in turn connected to this account on Hive/LeoF…

'Cancel Culture' And The Parameters Of Free Speech on LeoFinance - Is Something Amiss Or Am I Missing Something?

A couple of days ago I came upon a discussion thread in the comments section of a post on Leofinance which made me pause for

Trying To Understand The Tokenomics Of The New 3Speak Network

3Speak announced their tokenomics on Hivefest The Speak Network Incentive Layer . At first glance it appears complicated and hard to…

Financial Goals 2021: Beyond Crypto Puberty, Moving Into Cruise Mode

Yup, 2020 was an eventful year in many ways, both in the outside world and internally, in my own experience. 2020 felt like an ebbing tide…

MTI 'Pyramid' Scam - 22K BTC Vanishes - Summarising A Painful Experience

Quite in line with what many of have been expecting, Bitcoin's been going on a cocaine spree ever since the end of 2020. Hodlers are…

New TAILS is out !

The monthly release of TAILS , obviously the last one for 2020, has been published today, and is available for download . TAILS is…

"The Bitcoin Psyop": Centrally Controlled Crypto - CBDCs And Other Such Shitcoins

" The Bitcoin Psyop? " I hear you shout....." WTF? " Although it may appear click-baity, the title actually isn't 😁. It refers to…

"Vote LeoFinance Witness" Artwork - 3 x Page-Dividers + 4 x Banners (Footers)

This is a post in support of the LeoFinance Witness on the Hive blockchain. I offer the community a selection of LeoFinance-themed…

Cast your vote for the new LeoBacked Investment fund logo - 3 days @lbi-token

Hello everyone, thanks you for clicking on this post to check out this exciting contest. We encourage the whole LEO community to take part…

How Crypto and Blockchain Technology Has Impacted My Personal Finance

Genesis I was beamed up into the world of crypto and decentralised blockchain technology in January 2018. If you wish you can [read the…

A New 'Minimalist' Set Of LeoFinance-Themed Festive Page Divider Images For Communal Use

I recently posted a set of 7 festive LeoFinance-themed page divider images . In spite of my

Seven LeoFinance-Themed 'Festive' Page-Dividers For The Community To Use

Here, ladies and gents, is another round of Leo-themed page banners for you, the community to use if you wish. It's really great to see…

Canva.com - An Easy Online Graphics Tool To Pimp And Pump Your LeoFinance And Hive Posts

Does a picture paint a thousand words? Sometimes it does and other times it doesn't. When images are relevant and used well, they clearly…

A Teasing Tweet To Tweet Tweeting Tweeters Towards LeoFinance

Tweety, t-Witty Twittering bird Here's a message for you and it ain't absurd There's something big afoot