LeoGlossary: Brawls - SPS Rewards

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SplinterGlossary: Brawls - SPS Rewards

SPS rewards join merits as individual rewards for participating in Brawls.

Unlike merits, SPS is not soul-bound and can be traded, added to liquidity pools, staked, can vote on proposals or participate in governance (if staked). It also has value outside the guilds part of the game.

For each brawl, SPS rewards are distributed based on a similar rule as the one to distribute crowns to the guilds, except for SPS rewards there is no special treatment for the top 3 guilds in the ranking after each brawl has ended.

After the SPS rewards per guild are determined, they are distributed to each participant using the same rule as for distributing merits.

For full details, read the text of the proposal that was voted to introduce SPS rewards for Brawls.


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