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This week's show, we talked about all things dec404, including my most recent season results and the ability for users to put their cards to work without players, the new DEC-DAI pool, music from @isaria, and more.

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[00:00:00] Hey everybody. It is Tuesday 4:00 PM, which means it's time for the Monster Maverick show. And if you guys are, are new to the show, you might not know that I have another show, which is a Monday at three. Yeah. I'm Eastern called tech Sherpa stories. And crim was just offering me some, some graphical help because I just my graphics are terrible for texture [00:01:00] stories.
I need graphics. I need the theme song I was talking to last night. She's the one who made the things on you just listened to. We're going to listen to another other competition of hers a little bit later, but. Yeah, I need, I need help on the tax group of stories, right? With love. Yes, it was with love.
Absolutely. So I'm, I'm well aware that my, my 10 minute you know, I don't even have Photoshop. I use cause you know, it's freeway. So I'm well aware that my skills aren't do not lie in the graphical arena. Or the musical arena for that matter. So, you know, I'm all for getting the help of experts like crim, you know, if you ever see, so Kim's got two shows also.
She's got a, she's got I forget the names of them, but they're on the MSP wave schedule. It's Thursday nights and then Saturdays cyber both Saturday. I remember that one. And then the metal show is on Thursdays. She's got, she's got like multi-channel streaming stuff and graphical overlays and it's fancy.
So she's clearly a much better expert there. [00:02:00] So if you're, if you're here in the discord channel, great, that's really the place to be. That's where the live chat happens, because we're going to get into that and don't worry. But you can also watch the, the, the stream live there's. We have, we have these three video sources.
So we've got the MSP wave site, which, which Ron is talking about how it's a custom site and so much better than WordPress is, which is what they used to have. There's VIM there's data. That's all good. If you're not here live and you're listening on the replay or they're on YouTube or on one of the podcast networks, then I invite you to come next time and join us live.
Cause it's way more fun. It's all interactive and everything. And our case is subscribing. Excellent. And it looks like something is going on with the bot and Ron needs to fix that because the bumps should be off. Cause you know, when there's not a live show, they play as juke blocks various songs and everything through throughout the day, 24 hours a day.
So there's always something to listen to, but when the live shows are on the box are supposed to be on. [00:03:00] So yeah, come on by a Mondays check service stories Tuesdays for monster Maverick, two very different shows about very different things, but you know, fun is had by all. So that's my, that's my spiel about my other show you know, standard stuff.
I like to, I like to get into the into the, into the beginning of every show. You know, we have our, our services mean Gerber. We have deck one Oh one. That's the service where if you have core cards, normally rewards cards, but any kind of card, you send it to deck one Oh one, it pays you back in dark energy.
Crystal is 101% of the burn value. So you make more. And it is if you're selling anything for less than like 10% over the burn value, then between market fees and waiting and everything, then you're better off. In my opinion, just setting the deck one on one, and then we have deck four Oh four. So therefore, we're going to talk a lot about today.
So deck four Oh four is the account splitting service. Where we have, we have gamer accounts in our custody [00:04:00] where the owners of cards will delegate to the gamer account, a player who wants to play without investing a whole heap of money in splitter lands comes in and plays. And then the split rewards, very simple, very programmatic.
And it's it's pretty, pretty low friction, you know, it's, it's very easy to get in and get out of. The all the rewards cards in that are sent through DEC one Oh one, that's where we make money. But all the dark energy, crystal values are split 50 50 between the owners and the players. And, you know, that's just you know, there's no there's no overage and no, no fees or anything with that.
So that's, that's tick a four, four over the next. I don't know, let's say three months, we will be overhauling and doing fun, new things which I can't tell you any about, other than the fact that you're going to be super excited about it. So just, just keep that in the back of your mind we're going to be, we're gonna be doing great things and I think it's going to get to kind of blow up a little bit.
So I'm excited for that. So things [00:05:00] on the agenda for today announcing an announcement. Absolutely. I have learned from the masters. Things only agenda for today though. We're going to talk a little bit about more about deck four, four earlier today. I just posted a, a post going over my results from the last season, made a couple little changes there and we're going to add some, some new elements to deck four Oh four.
That'll be appealing to some people. And we're going to go over the AMA that was on last Friday. Where can I hit up a new announcement from spinner lands, which biz already alluded to that's the new DEC D AI pair. And then we're gonna talk about, about a little, if we have time, anyway, we're going to talk, obviously the market values and, and user growth and all the kind of stuff.
But then, you know, there are some issues in lower leagues with there's some issues in the lower leagues with With game liquidity. So we're doing we've joined the fight in in helping out with that. So we're trying to kind of figure out some things and, [00:06:00] you know, definitely needs some, some feedback from the group.
So we will see how all that goes and how much of it we actually get to. So we got a bunch of people filing in. We've got anarchists, we've got biz. We got crim Martin, D Martin D I don't recognize, but welcome Matt Clark. Nepal, Paul TRX, we got run down our producer solo yabba, one of our illustrious founders.
Always great to have you. So obviously some of this will be reviewed for you have, because he wrote some of the things we'll be talking about, but it's always good to have a different perspective on things I think. Okay. So without further ado, let's go ahead and get into it. So deck four Oh four, now you would think I would have all this queued up.
Right. But I don't. But here's the post. So in there you will see of this image and that is a pivot table, a summary of my results there and kind of giving you the [00:07:00] ultra small snapshot of everything, basically. You know, season's at the top 51, 52 53, up to 55, which is the season that just ended. And we have market values and that's of the, the market values are the cards that are working in the deck for, for system on my behalf.
So deck four, whereas other accounts, people, you know, doing their own thing, but these are just my cards. So there are delegated from my onto the different gamer accounts. And you can see the, the number underneath the 55, that two 53, one 69. That's the dark energy crystals earned by my account from the 50% share.
And that translates to, if you look in that column, USD season earnings, two 42 11. Which is, you know, pretty decent. So, you know, then, you know, there's two seasons per month. So 24 seasons per year, annualized that out that comes out to 5,810, which is which is all right. You know, I, I've been doing a little bit of shuffling here and there and I screwed up some things and then I had to fix [00:08:00] them.
But I think we're back on track now. So you know, I've got, I've got 59 59, two Oh one in market value, working out there. And I'm earning and cashflow 58, 10. So annualized that, that season earnings out, it comes out to 9.8%, which is okay. I'm you know, I'm decently happy with that. Cause. You know, whenever you're, you're thinking about putting funds in his foot or lands or taking funds out or, or doing anything, it's always opportunity cost, right.
It's always compared to what or what else could I be doing with this same capital and, you know, 9.8% is pretty good. You know, so, you know, As a cashflow play, that's attractive because if you go to other cashflow plays in, you know, the legacy of financial markets, then your returns are probably going to be lower, you know, dividends or, you know, a good dividend right now is, you know, three, 4% you know, bonds are zero to two if, depending on where you are in the world by being active.
So in 9.8, let's round it off to 10. That's [00:09:00] that's solid, you know? But then I realized that I'm a little bit missing the boat, because what happens is, as you can see from season 53, 54 55, that market value keeps going up. And that's because of the growth of the spinner lands ecosystem. But those are the same cards, you know, I haven't actually been reinvesting anything.
So it occurred to me that I really had to be tracking total return. So this is a stock market concept where if you have total return, you count your dividends plus your market gains because that total adds creates a total value. And so what I did was I, I went back to season 54 and then 55 and, and calculated total, total return, and then annualize that out.
So total return for season 54 ended up being much better than the 6.3% in the season cashflow yield because, you know, there was a market growth of the cards. So that actually, when you analyze that out over 24 seasons, that came out to 102%, and now we're talking right. That's serious returns and season [00:10:00] 55 compared to season 54 dropped a little bit still increasing, but annualized return on capital is 72%.
So now, you know, these kind of numbers, assuming that they maintain know these are home run kind of numbers, and this is why I'm, so over-weighted into, into lands in my crypto portfolio which is which is a different problem unto itself. But you know, it's, it's hard to beat 72% or a hundred, 2% or whatever it is.
So that is that's my earnings report for, for season 55 in deck four or four. And, you know yeah, Matt Clark posts is posting the, the chart here. So earlier in you got to start formatting numerical values. It's true. I do. I do. I need commas? Yeah, you're right. I need you to do that. But Matt Clark here posted the market cap snapshot from the SM voter hut bot.
So you can go into SM voter hut in the splinter lands, discord server, and pull up this pull up this this chart here. With the dollar [00:11:00] sign, market cap command. And you can see that since since let's call it September of 2020. So the past four months, it's just been up, up, up, up, up now, before that we had these peaks and troughs.
So, you know, those, those periods, the total return, if I, if I had the numbers for them would have been not as attractive, but you know, in, in the bull market, like we're seeing now, then, you know, the gas is on and you know, we're just hitting everything. So it's, it's hard to, it's hard to find, you know, a better place to put your funds at least, you know, for me.
So my idle funds you know, a lot of you know, that I'm big on curve, you know, the platform where you pool stable coin against stable coin. So you know, I'm pulling a USS T U S D C Dai USDA again. And all these things are pooled against each other because a lot of trades that appear to be two steps to the user actually go through multiple different stable coins.
So [00:12:00] the curve is, is the market leader, at least so far in capturing that order flow. And so they, they give rewards in terms of CRV, token to people who provide that liquid. So that's all great. You can make 50% there if you're really good. You can make like a hundred percent there because of the staking requirements they have.
And it's probably beyond the scope of what we're talking about right here, but, you know, that's, that's like my default backup plan for all funds. But I'm still doing better here than I am over there. So, you know, take that for, for what it's worth you'll plus growth yield. But you know, It is what it is, you know, everything has value and, and you have to look at that total value.
So yeah, if you could do just yield and live off of that, then you're set, then you're financially independent and you never have to do another thing in the rest of your life, but most people aren't there. So we need the growth in order to get up to the point where we can just take the [00:13:00] yield cause you know, this is going to be a bit of a separate point, but you know, it's important.
You know, if you're an investor or a business person, entrepreneur, or anything like that, you have to know your FAQ number. And the F-you number is the point at which you can tell everybody in your life to FIU. And, you know, that comes down to having a pile of a pile of capital in whatever form you want to talk about.
And it's generating a yield for you and you can then live off that yield indefinitely. So that's, that's when you have F-you money. That's also assuming the yield is sustainable. That is correct. Yeah. So, you know, w like my F-you number is probably it's somewhere in the 4 million range, because, you know, even a very conservative portfolio of, you know you know, stocks and bonds and whatever else, you know, throwing off, you know, whatever it throws off, you know, you, you take a safe withdrawal rate of 3%, then you're at a hundred, 125.
A thousand a year. And, you know, I can, I [00:14:00] can live a very nice life in the United States on, on that amount without any, any kind of worries about anything. So that's my nephew number. I'm, I'm not there yet. I'm still working for a living. I'm still growing my own business, which is textured, but by the way, and, and I'm working towards that end goal, but it's important to know your numbers.
So that, that is just general life tips. And, and being ready for that. So the other thing with LTT, what is this 4 million realized and kept in cash or kept in investments? Well, this is 4 million invested so that you know, again, that number assumes a very conservative portfolio, you know, probably permanent portfolio kind of numbers where you know, I'm, I'm in dividend stocks that I'm in long-term bonds and, and everything.
And and then that's throwing off investment income to me in one way or another. So net worth net worth is a slightly different concept. Just because it includes other things that aren't, [00:15:00] aren't income producing. If you talk about rich dad, poor dad, style net worth, then yes. Cause under, under rich dad, poor dad rules, you don't count anything that has value, but does not generate income net income.
That is So, yeah, so a little tangent there, but, but the other thing with is that we are opening it to another kind of mode of service. And this is, you know, you haven't, you might want to close your ears, but this is where people who just want to delegate cards and want more of the money for themselves.
And basically this is going to be you know, our you know, our in-house abiding service essentially. And basically, you know, that 50, 50 split goes away and the owner of the car just gets both sides. So there is, there is that the. Just making people aware of that. There is a caveat with all this is that our, our strategies are not optimized towards eating every last penny out of, out of sputter lands.
It's not gonna enter tournament's for [00:16:00] you. It's not going to place for PACS. Right. But it'll, it'll be an active player that, that right. And, you know, wins more than it loses and, and will, depending on what collection power you have, you know, stake in the account will. B you know, a viable player in those, in whatever league that is whether it's a silver league you know, card account or gold thing or diamond league.
So just be aware that, that there is that, and if you guys are interested in that, go ahead and you know, hit me up on the DNS and I'll bring you into the, to the deck one-on-one discord server, or you can hit a Gerber, you know, that, that works too. So I just want to make that little announcement that, that is there.
But that is kind of it for the deck for Forester ser service section. I did want to hit on the AME. That was last Friday. Agra shared a couple of interesting numbers and I thought they were worth repeating here. So 60,000 registered users, 19,500 spell books and 175 signups per day, 20 to 25 [00:17:00] spell books per day.
And that's kind of the averages of. Of you know, what's been going on recently. So that's, that's super interesting because hello, J Ben 1300. So that, that's pretty interesting because when we look at you know, hive lands, which is a statistics site when we look at the user's number we got let's to all so this.
This number right here is just peaked at, I think it's the highest peak we've had 69, 66 right there. So if, if the is 19,500, then 69. Yeah. 66 is is a good fraction of that. So that is wait for banjo. Wait for banjo. There we go. 35%. So that is not bad for w what that's saying is that the stickiness of accounts is 35, 36%. [00:18:00]
So of all the people that have ever had accounts you know, paid accounts in splitter lens, 36% of them have stuck around, through all the ups and downs of the crypto market and through all the ups and downs of the attractiveness of the gameplay. So I think that's actually really strong. I'm very pleased with that, with that ratio, because, you know, you're always gonna have churn in anything.
So managing to keep 36% over the over the you know, two, three years that it's been as I think doing great. Matt Clark is dropping an image here. These are, I remember chain's getting it done on So you Larimer Dan Larimer and he he's the developer behind. BitShares and STEEM, which is now forked and become hive and iOS, and which has forced to become a million things, but one of them as well.
So you know, the great thing about the delegated proof of stake blockchains is that the transaction costs are very, very low and in some cases free it depends on kind of how you're looking at it, but very, [00:19:00] very low regardless. So. Lots of games are being developed on these platforms. Like splinter lands, like Upland, like alien worlds which I was actually looking, I heard something about alien worlds recently, but I haven't looked at it.
You know, I have like no time for more games. So I'm kind of stuck, you know, it's it's tax season. I am super busy. I am even falling behind on my own splinter lands account. So. Unfortunately, extra games are not, are not in the cards for me. You know, maybe when I hit my F-you number, then, then we'll have a bit more time to to play with.
But but yeah, so I'm, I'm super, I'm super excited about these, these growth numbers, you know, 20 to 25 spell books a day you know, the 175 signups that's, that's great, but you know, it's really spelled books that are sold converting into new accounts. That, that really matter to me. So 20 to 25 is a great, is a great number.
You know, they had said that they're on track to be basically doubling the user base over the [00:20:00] next 12 months. So that's super exciting acid, you have posted about sailing world's okay, great. So check out acidosis, his posts. I believe, I believe Acevedo is a sheet. I'm not a hundred percent sure, sure about that, but but yeah check it out because some people have expressed.
Things to me in that, you know, it's, it's, you know, cannibalizing. So, you know, one, one game will acids of heat. Alright. I, you know, so, you know, we are still in the infancy phase of, of Of blockchain gaming. So I I'm really strongly, obviously on board with the whole on the whole thesis that blockchain gaming is going to be a huge part of gaming into the future, simply because people wanting to own their own game assets is attractive.
And so we are in such infancy stage that, you know, any exposure of anybody from the outside coming into blockchain gaming. Is [00:21:00] growing the pie. So, you know, it's when, when the industry matures in 20 years, and then, you know, we're talking about gaining market share versus other games than fine. Then you can have those arguments, but at this point, the more people in blockchain gaming at all in, you know, is a tide.
That's lifting all boats. And I hope that's enough mixed metaphors for you on that one. But overall, I'm pretty happy with the, with the smell book growth and. I want to obviously see that increase you know, the more players, everything comes down to user growth, the more players that come in of the, the better that we all do.
And you can you see that in Matt Clark's market cap image right there, where at the, at an all time high of 6.7 to 6.7 million of, of you know, market value in the cards, same moon that's right. Absolutely. Matt Clark. Another thing that was mentioned in Frankie Frankie you're killing me anyway.
In the, in the AMA, they also talked about they're [00:22:00] working on the rentals. So you know, the new rental system is going to be soon ish. You know, it's now February, 2021, they'd been talking Q1. So maybe this month, maybe next month, maybe April. But the interesting things are that. You know, there's going to be fixed rental contracts that can't be pulled by the meaning that under the old system, you know, somebody delicates to a player and then the player can then play it.
But the owner could pull that back at any time. And the way people officers are handling it is that there were escrows and there were basically penalty charges to doing that. So there's a disincentive, but still could be done. What's that about? Exactly. Hey, Darren. Thanks for joining the show. Flowery Yassic Moore, Michael B everybody.
Welcome. Welcome. If I, if I don't rock the moon specifically, I'm just, you know, talking, I don't see every little thing. But you know, in the new system, the the the owner won't be able to pull. The, the contract away from the renters. So that's, that's interesting. [00:23:00] The total, the total rental costs will be pre-funded on the front end and then it'd be held in escrow, then paid out to the card owner over time.
And you know, there the, the the borrower can break the contract from what I understand. And, you know, obviously yeah. And the team are well aware of the issues with cool-down periods and tournament. You know, you sit all that kind of stuff and those will be addressed. So I, you know, when I've heard, Jarvey talk about it.
He's talking about a kind of system where it's like you as the borrower, you're not so concerned about like which exploding dwarf that you want. You just need an exploding Dorf, right. So it can, it can be filled and then it can be, you know, the the the actual card could be swapped in and out, depending on.
The circumstances in the marketplace, but you just need an exploding tour. So I think that's going to be super interesting to see Dave and there's going to be some functionality, you know, it shouldn't minimum functionality on the actual splitter land site. And [00:24:00] then from what I understand, you're also going to get extra functionality in reporting and whatever else on the page site.
So you know, I think that's going to be super cool. I know Jarvis has been soliciting feedback on. On what owners would like to see in terms of portfolio, views and returns and all that kind of thing. So if you have thoughts on that talk to Jarvey, I'm sure he'd be interested. I know there's he posted something a while back asking for those comments and there've been some, but you know, more feedback is always better.
Other developments from the AMA iOS app is being submitted this month which is exciting. You know, this the the mobile has been in the Google play store for about two months now. And Apple obviously is, is its own large ecosystem. So be great to get, you know, those eyes available to be coming on, to spin our lands.
And our KIST is not a fan of iOS apparently, but you know, a million, however many people have Apple phones. I have an Apple phone [00:25:00] right here. Apple hates blockchain. Yeah, they, they do, but you know, they do like money, so that'll probably be a thing anyway. Yeah. So it was just, you know, more exposure the better.
Yeah. And it's all about user growth. We, we need you know, one of the things that agro shared a while back was, you know, from Ubisoft, they, they look at like the minimum where you're like a thing is like 50,000 active users a day. So we're at about 10% of that. Maybe a little bit higher 11%, 12%, but we've got a ways to go in order to get to that, to that big boy level.
And then and then things become way more interesting on the, on the on the PE side of things and could have good things in store for for us little guys. So, you know, it, it's all about getting to that point. And if, if. People are on iOS and are interested in playing then go to iOS and get those people playing.
And the other thing that Jabra was talking about was [00:26:00] that you know, there's going to be over time. There's going to be a shift in battles towards the current additions. So right now we've got alpha, we've got beta, we've got untamed after untamed runs out, which will be a while. We're going to have chaos Legion as the current edition.
And so. Over time, there's going to be a shift towards emphasizing battles using those current edition cards. And this is typical with with trading card games. So those alphas and betas, you know, might not be able to be used as much in battles. However there will be, you know, alpha tournaments and those kinds of things, you know, for the foreseeable future.
But at the same time we now have, or we will have soon, you know, in the next 12 months we're gonna have lands. And, you know, so there will always be that utility function of those older edition cards, but it's just something to keep in mind. So if you have cards on deck four or four, like I do the vast majority of those.
Right. And beta, because I just have a lot of was from those days. I have a, I have a Mex level D I have the equivalent of a master's simple deck and I'm team, but I don't really have, [00:27:00] you know, like 10 different decks, like I do in beta. You know, Pokemon has different types of matches. So, you know, whatever, the whatever case you want to look at it, there's going to be less battle utility for alphas and betas.
And that will be replaced by, you know, lands utilities. So at some point I'm going to have to swap out all my teams, you know, for that are, that are in those alpha and beta cards and put in untamed and chaos Legion, or maybe just cancellation Legion at that point, who knows. But it's just something to be aware of.
And you know, it's. You know, people, people will complain about any change basically because there's only one complaint in crypto is that I want to do more and I want to do less and make more fly. He says he keeps selling his car and from my collection value, it keeps going up and up and up. That's true.
You know, Gerber has actually complained about the same thing. It's like he's selling as many cards as he can, but he still has too much money in split romance for his comfort level. So you know, those, those were the things that I took away from the Amy. [00:28:00] Obviously there was a whole hour of stuff.
There should be recording. Agro usually gets it done. It gets the recording done. Sometimes there's technical errors, but but yeah, I, I find that to be pretty you know, the summary that, that at least I was interested in taking notes on. So solos asking, do you think owning a few unopened packs of alpha beta on team might be a good investment?
One day? That's a good question. So let's take a look at the Leo decks because I have, I have one unopened alpha deck or alpha pack rather. And you know, you gotta figure it. Chances are it's for commons in a rare, but you know, it might have a gold for a legendary, you know, that's the thing about, you know, randomness and what's going on with, with Leo decks.
Why is it going so slow? All right. So you can look up, you know, the, the price histories. And I know we're a little bit limited because we have the whole hive fork thing, but you know, so they're going for 11 bucks a piece right now and not a whole lot of volume. There's not a whole lot of trading there.
I know at least last time I talked to him about it. Marquis had a whole [00:29:00] pile of alpha packs. So did that paste. Let's try that again. Copy. Paste upload. Nope. My connection might be doing bad now. Everything's green. Am I dropping frames? I don't seem to be all right. Well that should show up eventually.
Maybe this court's having problems. Oh, there it is. It's popped up all of a sudden for me anyway. So 11 bucks that's that's, you know, considering they were too, you know, that's, that's a nice five X, six X, something like that, 5.5, whatever you want to talk about. And, you know, that's, that's a solid win, you know, going from two to 11 over two years is good, you know?
But you know, As, as things go on, you know, liquidity dries up. So we have to keep that in mind. You can see this, this red candle right here between 81 points. Let's call it [00:30:00] 82 hive. And 55 hive. So that's that bid ask spread is somebody dumped into the bid and somebody bought at the ask. And so that's, that's a big gap and that's, that's the result of the fact that there's not so much liquidity on alpha packs.
So, you know, when you're, when you're making investment decisions, you have to, you have to consider the liquidity, you know, as well as the market value. So just obviously make your own financial decisions, but that's just someone to, to be aware of. If we look at beta packs obviously not as extreme because there was a lot more beta, but, you know, packs are going for three 50, three or three 55 that is, you know, a nice solid return on a $2 pack.
And you know, if you bought in bulk, you know, much less than $2, it's like a dollar 57, I think was the max discount. One of the case. And then, you know, if we look at untamed now on tape, Then we're looking at, they're going for, you know, between a dollar 13 and a dollar 34 on the market right now. So [00:31:00] if we say, okay, you know, they're a dollar 34 right now.
If I buy at the ask and we're looking at some kind of beta like future you know, three 50, maybe $3, you know, that's still, you know, a two X return, you know, and some change. So that's, that's certainly doable. And you know, if you think the market. We'll be there in the future in order to absorb those oops.
In order to absorb those those packs then yeah. That can make a lot of sense, but all, all financial decisions, really all decisions come down yeah. To, you know, compare it to what's. Right. So if you're looking at dropping like a thousand dollars into something, it's like, well, you know, you gotta look at your different options.
Look at the different likely for forecast scenarios and including, you know, market returns as well as liquidity issues. And someone says, I don't think the current themselves and done two to eight X gains. Have they? Yeah. So if anybody was around, I know Matt Clark was around and I, you know, I was screaming from the rooftops about alpha [00:32:00] Cummins, like for months back when, when they were selling it, let's take a look at alpha commons right now, alpha, common okay.
And can I get a good, let's see, let's look at the, Oh, this is my collection. I need to look at the market view. So alpha, regular common. There we go. So the lowest price alpha common right now is 9 cents. I was buying these all day for 1 cent, so that's a nine X right there. The. The you know, saber shark, let's say, you know, it's going for 29 cents a piece, you know, again, 2 cents, 3 cents.
I bought thousands of these things. In fact, if we look at my collection, let's see how many saber sharks I have. I really have no idea, but let's do saber saber shark. I've [00:33:00] I've got. 2144 BCX worth of alpha saber sharks. And you know, so I bought those literally for 2 cents a piece, something like that.
So w what is that? So let's say let's see, 21 or no, let's do, what did I say that we're going at 29 cents 0.29 for divided by 0.02. Times 2144. Let's do minus one to take out the original cost. So yeah, that's, that's ridiculous numbers. Actually that's, that's a little bit misleading there. Let's do, I mean, that's, that's kind of right.
You know, I, I made like, you know, 11, 12 X on, on my funds there. And Matt Clark has made the point that in physical card games, Cummins are a waste of space. I figured that mindset would carry over guys with four cardboard boxes, full of common magic, the gathering [00:34:00] cards aren't going to value splitter, lands comments but see, the difference is, is that Spooner, rants comments.
They're great cards. They just, they're just less efficient with Metta. So you know, like saber shark is a great card. It's a great sneak it's, it's fast, it's cheap. It's got decent health. Darren's got all alphas, you know yeah. Was posting Matt Clark's flush columns 18,175 alpha flesh Golem.
So he is, what is it like a third, something like that, of the entire supply, crazy numbers. And even into beta, the flesh guns were more expensive because backlog Clark had quarter of the alphas. Ridiculous. I can't believe it's a little bit of Switzerland's history for you here. You know, Matt Clark sort of buying these before we knew anything about the cards.
So there was the prelaunch phase where, Hey, we came up with this cool game. We're going to be having the card battles and everything. And there's these different cards. That's all we knew. They were like flush Golan was one of the cards. It wasn't until months later that we found out, Oh, it's got void [00:35:00] and heal and turns out that's really useful on the on the earth splendor.
But Matt, Matt Clark by himself made the earth splinter the most expensive splinter to max out. But you know, because you know, or because common cards are actually have still have great utility in, in spending lions matches, they still carry value. Obviously there are more of them. You know, the print rates are different.
So per, per unit, they're going to be lower cost compared to legendaries, but they're still desirable. They're still useful in, in, you know, a great number of matches. And yet here, it's saying one interesting thing I have noticed with NFTs and some other projects is that a lot of times the most common items end up having the largest percentage gains after they go out of print.
I think this is because at that point, people just wanted to get any of them and that they can. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the older cards when land is out and people really want them as workers. Yeah. I, you know, when, when we have like more information about LANs and like how the BCX levels compared to the improvement efficiency comes out, [00:36:00] obviously there's going to be some kind of optimism and that's gonna depend on, on the, the structure of production, but.
It, whatever it is, it's going to require a huge numbers of cards to be, to be used and then staked into your lands. So I'm expecting whenever that happens for prices to, to escalate quite a bit. And obviously the ones that have fixed supply and that they've hit their print limit are going to be that much more volatile than the ones that are currently in print.
So, you know, that's, that's a little bit of market prediction that we're talking, you know, a year out. It's like, so like for me, I have so many cards already. It's very difficult to, to look at, you know, getting bored because, you know, if I go to my collection here, I've got I've got 186,000. BCX where the cards, which is a lot.
And a lot of those are very high powered cards. You don't got a gold, gold, alpha additions and things like that. So I think I'm, I'm pretty well set on the card [00:37:00] department. If it turns out that. You know, alpha and beta get phased out of battle. And I can't use them in deck four or four. I'll have to put them in lands.
Maybe I'll do that. Maybe I'll maybe I'll add more chaos Legion or untamed, whatever it is at that point to to get into deck four or four accounts. But, you know, we'll see it's going to be, it's going to be an interesting year, I think. But another interesting another interesting development that just came out.
I love it when they drop updates like the day before it was much. Yeah. Cause it gives me more stuff to talk about. And this is the darkened crystal D a I, you know, swap pool and we're going to get into that in just a second. But before that, you know, every week I like to catch up on Azaria's music. So we're going to play that.
And if you want to take a read of the post, you know, you can do that at this point or just sit back, listen to the music. This one is an human force of a Newman, something like that. I don't think there's any official pronunciation yet, but [00:38:00] Oh, no. Audience is having a heavy load. And please try again later.
I have, my plans have been foiled. Let's try again and see if that works. Okay. Homepage works. Let's go to the actual, ah, there we go. You know, refresh fix is almost everything. So let's go ahead and give this one a listen.

All right. I keep looking for a place to where it might have a little, but, you know so that's about two thirds of the, of the track. It goes on for another couple of minutes there. And I don't know that doesn't sound like a dungeon track to me. I think that'll probably be like maybe some ambient music if you're in like a lands view or something, I don't know.
I'm really curious to see how all these, all these elements will come out. Once we have, you know, the, those different. Forms of gameplay see how those fit into the context of everything. But I really [00:39:00] enjoyed that. I think that was a great great little composition there. So, you know, I dropped that link about the dark injured crystal Dai pool.
I always call it die. I don't know. It's a as Dai, I'm just gonna call it die deck versus die, you know, SWAT pool. So. Dina SWAT pool has been great before for price stability in dark and your crystals, but it's got issues. So if you look at the dark energy crystal chart here, which I can pull up on trading view and link grabbed my snipping sketch right there.
So it's been. Like that these, these huge vertical bars there's every once in a while, there's like a scaling problem on unit swap through training views. So I was like off by a factor of a thousand. But you know, this is, this has been the market trend. So the great thing about having the liquidity pool and use, swap and taking the average price from there as opposed to high Benjen is that there's a lot more of liquidity, which means [00:40:00] the price is much smoother.
So that's all great. Rather than huge jumps everything on hive engine. However, yeah, the flip side of that is that the pool is dark energy crystals versus the theorem. And Ethereum has done this. So let's pull this image and we got that if I can get to the right window. Okay. What's a good time to enter the pool, how to save some money.
I'll get to that in a second flowering. So. I, it has been on a tear, right? We're in a, we're in a bull market which is fantastic. We're at all time highs, right. This second, which as a holder of a theory, I'm happy about because I've got, I don't know. I think I've got like 20 coins, something like that.
So, yeah, when you have a liquidity pool, the way they function is that you are the market maker, which means you are providing liquidity for other people to make trades. So if somebody is coming in and selling dark energy crystals for Ethereum, That means you weren't doing the [00:41:00] other, you were doing the opposite.
You are buying dark energy crystals, and you are selling Ethereum to that other user. And if one asks in the liquidity pool trends against another, like the one versus the other is, is in a trending market, then the the losing side is what you end up with. More of. So the people who've been providing liquidity in the, in the deck East pool have been losing Ethereum and gaining dark energy crystals.
So, you know, th the market values of the two things are equal, but, you know, people are never happy with, with the kind of results. And that has, that has gained the, the terminology of, of You know, in permanent loss, which is a terrible name, it's really opportunity costs. So, because you did this thing, you, you sold the asset that was performing better and you bought more of the asset.
That's performing worse. So if the market reverses, then you get back to even, and it's all fine. That's. That's where the impermanent thing comes in. But if it's a permanent trend, [00:42:00] then that, that loss becomes permanent. So if their name is a trending asset currently in an up cycle, dark energy crystals is designed as a relatively stable asset to be plus or minus around that 1000 splint Toshi level.
And I know Rondon, doesn't like me calling it spoon, Toshi, but you know, the market has spoken well, I have spoken I've accepted aggregates term of splinter issues. So, you know, as we've seen over the last couple of months that people that's been the market history is that people are, are spending.
Ethereum and they're buying dark energy crystals. And, you know, some people have not been real thrilled with the way that's turned out in order to make up for that. There's the liquidity pool incentives and the dark energy crystal inflation that is assigned to the liquidity pool providers. And I, I'm not, I haven't done the math on it cause I'm actually not in the liquidity pool anymore.
I was, I had some, some dark new crystals in there while I was preparing for lands, but then once the presale came out and I, I used those funds in order to pay for my lands purchase. So now [00:43:00] I'm talking to your crystal, you know, poor and and don't have enough to, to be fiddling around with liquidity pools.
So Now there's this new pool that's being created and it's going to be dark energy crystals versus die. And that's a lot more attractive because you're impermanent loss should be, should be with Astros on that way. Lower, because di is a stable coin that stays around $1 dark energy. Crystal stays around one, one thousands of a dollar.
So, you know, there'll be a thousand to one, but that ratio will be, you know, it'll fluctuate, but it'll be in the it'll be in the ballpark. So stable coin. Versus stable coin. Ish is a lot more attractive than stable coin versus trending asset that's in a bull trend. So, you know, I think, I think I would not be surprised to see way more liquidity move from Ethereum into the dye pool.
And flyaway was asking, when is the best time to, to pool. And so this, this is part of the, part of the caveats with any kind of unit [00:44:00] SWAT pool is that it's built on Ethereum, which is great. Ethereum is a widely used asset in the crypto world. However, it's also terrible in the sense that you have gas fees.
So gas has been high for a while now, you know, the more, the more. The price of Ethereum goes up, the more expensive gas is, and not just in absolute terms, but in relative terms as well. So you kind of have to look at compounding effect. You know, people are jumping into a theme assets whether it's Ethereum itself or ERC twenties or whatever.
And you know, the more transactions are on the network. The more you have to pay to get placed into those exact transaction queue and the. The funds that you're paying in Ethereum are now worth more. So you have this kind of two second order effect, which is a, which is painful. So, you know, I've got a bunch of funds pooled on curve, and I've been waiting for like a week now to fi to find a window with gas was low enough that it made sense to actually do the transaction.
Cause I'm not gonna spend 50% of my earnings in gas fees. That's just crazy. I'll just wait. [00:45:00] In the meantime, I might miss the peak and curve, but who knows? So I have found and you can, you can look up the historical charts of gas prices, but I have found like, like Sunday, early morning, us time, like, like six in the morning, Eastern time in the U S is probably like the absolute low of gas prices for the week, basically before the Americans wake up.
Is, is a decent time to transact because you know, Asia is kind of already done its thing for the day. Europe is still a prime time, but there's fewer of them. And so that seems like a good time to be trading on the Ethereum network. So those posting transaction a fun way to visualize eith transactions.
Yep. Great. You know, so anytime you're dealing with smart contracts, your gas use are higher. So just keep that in mind. But it's going to scale depending on the overall network congestion on Ethereum. Now, when I can say it without laughing, when you, when a theorem 2.0 comes out someday two years, it's always two years in the future. [00:46:00]
But whenever that actually happens, then. Gaseous should go way down, like by a couple of orders of magnitude. And then of course transaction counts will go up. So will it actually end up being a savings? We'll see, but I think, I think it will. That's, that's my expectation. So as far as, as far as timing to, to to do those transactions, you know, it's gonna suck, but.
You know, it's going to be before the U S wakes up is my general advice. And you can look at the look at the different visualizers and stuff and try to pick your, pick your shot there. But so I think we're going to see a lot less impermanent loss in yeah. The deck dipole than in the deck, either pool.
So I think that's going to be way more attractive. Yeah. An interesting tidbit though, is that, so now that there's going to be two units swap pools. Then you're the, the PR the market feed price for dark energy crystals when doing market transactions, you know, buying cards, selling cards, or is that you know, they're gonna look, they're gonna balance the price between the two pools based on liquidity.
[00:47:00] Let's see. So that's this paragraph right here. And Oh another element to consider is that the, the total liquidity pool incentives are going to be balanced, you know, throughout. All the liquidity providers. And I know, I know some people were complaining in discord about that, but I actually don't think that's that big a deal, because if you are X percent of the DEC Eve pool, you're still probably gonna be X percent of the DEC eith pool, plus the deck dipole.
Cause I don't think we're going to get. So much new liquidity out of it. It will just shift around. But he says, finally, the deck price feed used in game we'll switch to a liquidity weighted average of the price between and the two units SWAT pools. This means that if one of the pools has double the liquidity of the other pools and that pools price will be weighted twice.
The smaller pool when calculating the average this will ensure that if one pulls very low liquidity and is therefore subject to a larger price swings it will not be able to significantly skewed the average price, the average feed price. And I think that makes a lot of sense. So I'm happy to see that approach.
I, you know, there's, there's the blurbs about [00:48:00] market dynamics and risks, and obviously everybody who signed up for this, you know, has agreed to the risks. But obviously nobody really wants to nobody's happy about losing Ethereum and, and gaining deck. I mean, that's at least what. That's my takeaway from all the chatter that's been in discord, a small, small technical tidbit seasoned rating changes are changing a little bit.
So if you are if you ended up in civil one, you went back to bronze one instead of silver three. So that provides that, that league level adjustment that apparently it was missing and civil wonder, I wasn't even aware of, but apparently that was a thing. And fly was asking what happens when eith continues to rally.
Eventually all the East will be an impermanent loss and only deck remains in the pool. So no that doesn't happen because it's, it's a, it's not, it's not a one-to-one relationship. It becomes skewed over time. And you can't actually drain a pool of one side of the theorem cause the other side just gets more expensive.
So I've actually, I actually wrote a post on that a long time ago. [00:49:00] So, you know, it's, it's It's like a one over X kind of a relationship. And I can't remember the term for that inverse, whatever it is. So, you know, as, as you tried to take more and more out than the other side, it gets more and more expensive and becomes impossible to move the price anymore.
So basically you can drain, you can drain things by about half at a time and, and that'll, that's sort of the limit. You can play around with this in the unit swap screen of like putting in different values for how much how much volume you want to transact at one side and see how much you get out of the other.
Once you go above a certain number, the other side stops changing at least. Stop changing very much. So, you know, that's, it's, you can't, you can't drain it of everything. And it takes a, an extremely long time. So we actually saw that in the, in the rep Leo hack, when somebody figured out how to mint wrapped Leo on Ethereum, and then it was cashing out for theorem.
So they had to do it multiple times in order to get the price to drop sufficiently in order to to, to scam [00:50:00] away with that without a theory amounts. But you know, is what it is. I was trying to see if I can find that post for you, but it was a while back. Also, so biz, we should talk about concerns about the new pool.
It doesn't necessarily decrease anyone's rewards and could possibly even increase the wards depending on how the included is split. Yeah. I mean, I, I, I personally think that the, the market answer is going to be more liquidity is going to be in the dye pool than the Ethereum pool. And that's simply because the impermanent loss issues would be much, much reduced.
So, you know, we'll see how it goes. But you know, the, the rewards are going to be the same because you know what your, the way your rewards decrease overall is if more people joined the pool and you know, whether that will happen or not, who knows, but you know, just going from one pool to two pools, doesn't actually do anything as far as your reward percentages.
So I hope that makes sense. And I wanted to talk about a bunch more [00:51:00] stuff, but it's looking like we're about out of time, you know, it's amazing how fast this hour goes by. And I just want to thank each and every one of you for coming in and hanging out with me for the last hour. And I'll everybody who's watching on the replays, you know, come on in, join the, join, the live show.
I know it's not a great time for everybody, but there's always going to be, you know, some people that are available so hope to see you all next time.

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