Reaching 150K Staked CTP Tokens Means Closure of 2020 .:. #MyHiveGoals 2021 Edition!

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I'm a bit late with reaching the goal of staked 150K CTP tokens for 14 days, but I have done it! I have waited for this moment, as it means kind of closure of the past year's goals, and it means that I can proceed with the creation of new Hive (and not just Hive) goals for 2021!

As time passes, we move our focus and I have done that also, so my goals will not be connected to the same projects as they were in the past year, but I want to have them written down... That keeps me more motivated and focused on reaching them... I will do a similar thing with percentages of reaching the goal, and I will try to do separately smaller monthly goals... That was also a good motivational factor...

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You will notice that my goals aren't "flying too high"... It's mostly because of my focus on other things that I have planned for this year, and they are "outside" the Hive ecosystem... Also, I have on my mind some of the upcoming projects that will probably come out this year, and I want to participate in them with more stake (3Speak coins, upcoming games, and some other personal projects)...

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Hive Power

One of the things that I will not change this year is getting more HivePower! My focus is maybe moved to other things, but I still believe in this blockchain, and I will build up my HivePower this year too!

LEO Power

Well, it is not a secret that I have invested in the wLEO pool (that part isn't calculated in these goals), but I want to move my focus also on creating content on the platform, as well as curating great content that is published there... As you will see at the end of this post I have plans to accumulate 50% more of LEO power during this year... As we will probably see some bull-market action this year, this could be a hard goal to achieve... But, we will see...

CTP Power

I was with CTP Swarm from the beginning, and before that... I have contributed a lot to the tribe with my content, but also with curating great content creators from the tribe... My work on the #ThisIsAwesome project was noticed and some of the best content creators are using the "ctp" tag because of the recognition for their work... In 2020, I was in Top3 of the CTP rich list, and I will try to stay there during this year...



Like I said many times, my SPORTS token adventure started kind of "spontaneous"... It was a good opportunity to get a big chunk of tokens for a cheap price, and I used it... As I'm doing regularly my Actifit reports, I accumulate and stake my SPORTS token curating posts on the platform... As I think that the token is still undervalued, I will continue with my accumulation...

HIVE POWER - 20,000 / 25,000    80.00%  needed monthly grow 1.66%
LEO POWER     - 8,000 / 12,000  66.00%  needed monthly grow 2.83%
CTP POWER - 150,000 / 200,000   75.00%  needed monthly grow 2.08%
SPORTS POWER   - 5M / 15M       33.33%  needed monthly grow 5.55%

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To spice up things, I have decided to add some of my "gaming goals"... Just for fun... I am playing Splinterlands for 2 years, but I will skip goals for that game... It's not that I will not play it anymore, but I have started to stress a lot when I do... So, I don't know until WHEN will I play the game as there is a big possibility that I will just quit...

One of my favorite (and relaxing) games is the RISING STAR. The community is just awesome, there is a competitivity, but still, there is a lot less stressing... Probably because of that I like it very much... I was thinking about doing LEVEL number as a goal, but I have decided to go with the number of cards... 2K cards is nothing for some of the top players in the game, but for me, it is over 20 times more than my current number...

Another game that I have started to play during December is dCity... I'm still a noob in the game, but I have invested a lot of Hive (for me) in it... Don't know how the economy of the game will look like at the end of the year, so I will base my goal on my DAILY SIM income (before taxes) and see how it goes... I will try to double my current income by the end of the year...

RISING STAR (CARDS) - 189 / 2,000    9.45%  needed monthly grow 7.54%
DCITY (DAILY SIM) - 5,488/ 12,000   45.73%  needed monthly grow 4.52%   (base Income - before taxes)

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So, that will be all for this part of the year... I will keep the rights to change these goals and probably add some others during the year to motivate myself even more... Also, I will try to create at least 1 report per month with updated numbers, just to have documented where am I, and how much do I have to push to reach a certain goal...

Thank you for your valuable time,


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