POB Delegations from @proofofbrainio - What are the terms, conditions and opportunities for delegations?

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POB has been a shining light in the HE tribe token arena the past few weeks and is indeed attracting some strong attention and investment.

After reading through a whole lot of content, one thing that really jumped out to me from reading @bitcoinflood's article on delegation: https://leofinance.io/@bitcoinflood/do-delegations-undermine-the-entire-pob-concept was the following comment from @onealfa.leo:

Screen Shot 20210504 at 9.07.02 pm.png

This has gotten me thinking and questioning:

  1. What are the rules, terms or obligations of the large POB delegations from @proofofbrainio that are currently in place?
  2. Are there any opportunities for other users to access delegations?
  3. How are these delegations benefiting the POB community as a whole?

For transparency, the list of delegations of 100 POB or more from @proofofbrainio are as follows:


Overall, there is around 33k POB delegated to accounts from @proofofbrainio for a number of different reasons.

There were a number of delegations given out to engage people in the community and assist with the spread of the token in the early stages. My question is are these delegations still in place and if so, what are the terms of those delegations. If the delegations will continue, can other members of the community get access to a delegation for a specific reason through a proposal system of some sort?
This post highlighted some of the delegations and reasons for those delegations though I am unsure whether they are still in place: https://www.proofofbrain.io/hive-150329/@proofofbrainio/pob-udate-engagement-tags-and-more-delegations

Earlier in the evolution of the tribe, there was also an opportunity for users to delegate HIVE to @proofofbrainio to receive the same delegation back in POB as promoted in this post:
I am not sure whether this option is still available for users and I am sure the community would appreciate an update on whether other users can access these delegations for HIVE.

For transparency and understanding of any terms and conditions or additional opportunities, can @proofofbrainio outline the delegations and whether there are any rules or other offers for delegations and how these are/will contribute back to the POB community.

I hope you find this information useful and if you can shed any light on this information, please feel free to drop a comment.

Thanks for reading.

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