Apple Store? Nope Solana Store! This is one path to mainstream adoption.

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Apple Store? No this is a Solana Store

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I read an article by @edicted on Solana in which he quotes an article by @forexbrokr and then @edicted quotes other authors :) and provides links to their articles which is a great cross-linking strategy to increase traffic from Google. I hope you all know that @taskmaster4450 is doing the same thing with Leoglossary.

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Anyway, getting back to Solana, they opened a physical store to sell NFTs, presumably Solana phones and other Solana merchandise. In addition they provide on the spot cryptocurrency education. This is situated in an expensive mall setting in New York City!

I of course got this information from this article Crypto project Solana is opening a store in NYC. Take a look inside and I am linking to the article, and hope that I get some love from Google for the cross link LOL ! Back to the Store..

...it accepts cryptocurrency—with “Solana Pay Accepted Here” signs on the storefront glass :)
It has an NFTs gallery highlighting the Degenerate Ape Academy collection across its walls. At the front of the store they have an interactive installation visualizing what’s happening on the Solana blockchain in real time, including transactions done and NFTs minted.
There are various stations aimed at onboarding people to the crypto space. Like a private booth for people to set up a Phantom wallet (the most popular Solana wallet) and write down their seed phrase (a secret chain of words that acts as a pin) on a tiny card for safe keeping.
Other stations gave tutorials on platforms like STEPN, a play-to-earn app, and Magic Eden, an NFT marketplace. People can also check out Solana Saga, which is Solana’s Web3 mobile phone. And Solana branded mercandise like shirts, sweats and hats, labelled with catchy crypto famous phrases like “not financial advice,”. source

The reporter states there was plenty of foot traffic, with most people saying when questioned that they didn't know what Solana was, but were attrracted by the Apple Store like style and the cute monkey pictures.. LOL

The point here is that there are still millions, if not billions of people who have no idea what cryptocurrency is, and even rising stars like Solana are unknown outside the crypto community.

To me the value of these companies like Solana, Meme Coins, XRP and others is to generate attention. They get people interested in cryptocurrency, and can help them learn all about blockchain, tokens, defi, etc if they do things right.

So in a way it's good that rich Foundations like Solana Foundations open stores in Malls to give people outside the crypotocurrency community exposure to cryptocurrency, NFTs, cryptocurrency, etc..

And while we may have some concerns about Solana being the messenger, we must admit it is doing what no one has done before. It is going into the shopping malls to teach Americans about cryptocurrency.

This is also happening during a bear market, when many people have left cryptocurrency for greener pastures, looking for bigger gains. But this bear season is often referred to as the building season, when stuff gets done.

This store is an example of getting stuff done. Educating the masses, spreading the word, developing new products like the Solana Phone called Saga, the Phanthom Wallet, a Play to Earn game Magic Eden, and other things. This is a good and well used stratgey to promote new products.

This is one path to mass adoption, integration with retail in shopping malls, and perhaps next Super Stores like Walmart or online retailers like Amazon.

This is bear season, often called building season.
What are you building towards?


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