2021's Vision, Goal-Setting and KPIs for @Spinvest-Leo - Part II

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First of all, a happy and successful new year to all of you!

The beginning of a new year is an ideal timepoint to make some goals for the next months, plan some tactics to get there, and define some key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success or failure. However, I would like to start one step earlier and share my VISION for this account first, trying to find goals that bring it in the direction of this vision and hoping to induce a discussion and debate about that topic in our community.


The Vision - A Clubhouse facilitating a GIG-Economy

With the strong belief that this blockchain is going to attract a big number of new users during the next months, we can assume that it will get harder for the single user to get a decent audience. Skilled writers of financial content, will compete for readers and curators with stake and it might get very hard to get on the trending page of Leofinance for sufficient exposure. Let me compare that to the music industry 20 years ago. We may come to the point when being on Leofinance-trending is like getting your song played on country-wide radiostations or your video on MTV in the '80s. To get to that point as a musician you had to go a long way from street music to small and midsize clubs to get noticed by an agent and finally get a contract to get played on the radio. My vision for @spinvest-leo is to be like one of the cool clubs I frequently visited when I was a student - clubs owned by a community as well as ran by a community. There is a management committee responsible for all financials as well as a group of people on duty to open the club every day. Besides being a place frequently visited by club members and all other visitors for having a beer, exchanging news and discussions in general, these clubs also have a little stage for entertainment. Newcomer bands as well as already established bands are playing their music on a regular basis. Terms and conditions of their salary are very flexible and go from free drinks, a share of the evening earnings to fixed payments.

Goalsetting for 2021

What is the analogy to our spinvest-leo account here? Obviously, we have a management committee, that is @jk6276 and @silverstackeruk who are holding the active keys and doing all the financial stuff around here. We also started to have the first "members on duty" with @metzli, and myself @no-advice as content creators. The community set a certain amount of trust in these people as they are holding the posting keys in order to "run the show" on the account. Therefore having some own skin in the game, by holding a relevant amount of SPI tokens, would be a requirement to join. We are actively searching for more people that are willing to participate and it is a goal for this year to increase their number to 5.
To stay in the example, what about the number of people visiting our club and spend some money (upvotes) here? At the moment of writing, @spinvest-leo has 127 followers. We had some discussions about the relevance of the number of followers in the comment section of Part I of this article with @taskmaster4450le. It is true that in the current situation on HIVE (with a ton of inactive accounts) this metric often is not really a hard Endpoint for the success of an account. Instead of the number of users, the amount of LEO-stake (potential voting power) that is following might be a better indicator. However, it is not clear how to easily get this metric. Therefore, increasing the number of followers to 500 in 2021 is a goal we should work on as a team.
A very valid comment in our discussion was, that the number of engaging (commenting) accounts is crucial and a good measure for the success of the account. The main number of comments for the last 10 posts of this account is 9,7 (2-23). Especially our mini-series "How much does it cost" saw an incredible community engagement and pushed these numbers up. As a goal for 2021, we should have >10 comments per article on average for a month of activity.
This directly brings us to the number of articles that should get published by @spinvest-leo per week. Please let me one thing very clear first. The quality of the content and going hand in hand with it the reputation of this account is the main purpose of all efforts. Meeting the quality expectations of our club members and all the other readers out there is entitling us to earn LEO, HIVE, or any other token for the content we are publishing. In this regard, a quantitative goal for articles has to ensure their quality first and foremost. Having some more "members on duty" that are able to bring in their creativity and workforce, should lead to publishing 3 articles per week for Q1/2021 (36), 4 articles per week for Q2/2021 (52), and 5 articles per week for Q3+4/2021 (135). This totals to an overall number of 223 articles in 2021.

To summarize the 2021 goals for this account

  • increase the number of "members on duty" to 5
  • increase the number of followers to 500
  • over 10 comments per article on average for a month of activity
  • 223 articles published in total
  • establsih a GIG economy with X guest authors

Establishing a GIG-Economy

But what about that little stage for entertainment that our club has, and that you explicitly highlighted in the text above? One of the additional functions for the "members on duty" will be to find established as well as promising new authors on Leofinance and recruit them as guest authors. Given the benefits of getting directly introduced to our club members and other followers of this account, there might be different situations where an author is more than willing to publish his work (along with his name and a link to his account) here on @spinvest-leo by sending it to a "member of duty" for quality check, Corporate-Identity-Branding, and publishing. We might have to play a bit with this idea to find the right formats - but the possibilities are huge. In a way, this has already started with the short-interviews in our "meet the cracks" series. Some ideas I already have are for example introductions of new HIVE-Projects, Pro and Contra views of controversial topics, or giving out topics of interest identified by the AI project of Leofinacne to talented young authors.
Please give me your thoughts and ideas for this! What formats do you think might work? Who should we approach first? Would it be better to have a single GIG or a series of 3 or 5 articles per author over a month? Do you like the idea at all?

To get this really flying, we have also to think about a way to reward these guest authors as well as the people that are involved in content creation - but that will be the topic of another post.

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