Hive: Eliminating GateKeepers

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The world of is full of gatekeepers. We have a system where there are many layers, inserted to control what is taking place. In addition to power, these entities also extort large sums of money for the "service" they provide.

Hive is moving beyond this. Being part of the foundation of Web 3.0, we are seeing a new model forming. With the ability to incentivize through tokenization, people are learning that they are getting the tools to create as they see fit.

This, of course, is nothing new. In the area of technology, we saw radical advancements in that area of desktop applications. The result is people can now create in ways that was only possible with large sums spent on studio time decades ago.

In other words, a smart phone with some basic software plus the use of the Internet allows for one to broadcast similar to the largest of entities back in the 1980s. We can do this seamlessly and without much friction.

The problem arises in the fact these institutions do not like giving up the power (or money). Here is where we see the pushback. Ultimately, Web 3.0 will win simply because it is in alignment with technological evolution. Anytime someone tried to impede the progress, the long-term results were much worse.

It is like damning a powerful river. The effectiveness only lasts so long before the bursting wipes out a great deal more than if the river flowed naturally.

Hive is shaping up to be that.



The Gatekeepers

We are seeing a plethora of options showing up on Hive. This is something we discuss regularly. However, we need to step back and analyze how this is the affecting the present system. The impact, over time, could be powerful.

Gatekeepers are the proverbial middlemen. When it comes to cryptocurrency, the banks are the ones most talked about. They are the epitome, in many instances, of an unnecessary gatekeeper from decades ago.

As stated in other articles, the banks run the ledger. This is what our monetary system functions based upon. Banks have power because they control the ledger. At the same time, they are also the keepers of the accounts. When we get a saving or checking account, who do we get it from? Exactly.

Another area they are in control is with the money supply itself. Under fractional reserve banking, the commercial banks expand the money supply by making loans. Hence, they are the ones who decide, at least in part, if there is monetary expansion.

This is only the tip of the iceberg however.

The other prevalent gatekeeper in society is Hollywood and the media. It is a powerful system that helps to keep people out. If one wants to be a successful broadcaster, this means jumping through their hoops. We all know what that meant when it comes to the likes of Weinstein.

Technology helped to alleviate this a bit. Because of Google, anyone can become a broadcaster. Simply placing videos on YouTube provide the opportunity to monetize one's content. The problem arises in the fact that Google is still the gatekeeper. If one steps out of line, their account can be zapped.

In this instance, we are just switching one for another.

By the way, the same is true with what Elon Musk is planning on building.

Hive: Eliminating Gatekeepers

Hive is the merging of social media and finance. This is something we espouse quite frequently because it is such as important concept.

Nowhere is it more applicable then when it comes to discuss gatekeepers and the danger they pose. Fortunately, Hive solves this.

As we know, the wallet system gives one complete control over his or her money. If a person has the private keys, he or she is free to engage as seen fit. No permission is required outside the code of the blockchain.

We also have a monetary system whereby the supply is in the hands of the community. While the inflation on $HIVE is hard coded in, the relationship between that and HBD allows the community to alter the money supply. This is the nature of free market driven money.

When it comes to media, this is where Hive is starting to excel. The fact that each person owns his or her account means there is no middleman in this regard. Couple this with the expanding social media offerings and we see how one is able to build a broadcast empire without any counterparty risk. There are no gatekeepers that prevent one from engaging with others.

Over time, we are seeing the power these entities have wane as the foundation of Web 3.0 is laid. At times it is still hard to envision but when we fully understand the idea of censorship resistance, we then see how it can apply to our business.

Nobody can stop one from supporting another.

The possibilities only expand as more layer 2 solutions are developed. Here is where the first leg of innovation takes place. Projects are able to experiment with different things in hopes of providing a breakthrough. Since all are looking at gaining users, it is an economy based upon expansion. It is in the best interest of project teams to enrich their users, both monetarily and with features.

Consider this: Hive is removing any dictates over what one does with his or her money. At the same time, it is offering means that allow people to determine how they earn it.

Those who grasp this concept will see how important it is to operate with the mindset of being a massively successful broadcaster, investor, entrepreneur, or whatever the desired outcome is. With gatekeepers being eliminated, entire industries are going to be radically transformed.

Hive is inserting itself at the center of this. For those who get on board with the idea early, he or she can establish oneself as a "star". In this realm, there is no permission required.

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