My financial goals for 2021 - Silver, BTC and ETH

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Hello Hivians and Lions! I heard @theycallmedan is doing an initiative where people talk about their financial goals for 2021. Seems interesting since 2021 sure is going to be spicy.

I an not quite sure about the whole Cryptosphere and I am looking forward to learn more here on Leo. The financial/crypto part of old Steemit was always interesting to browse, but I am really out of touch.

2020 Investments

My main Investment for 2020 was Silver about 60% of my savings are invested in it. I had a decent timing buying before it hit 20$ an ounce. Most of it are old Germans Coins from the Kaiserreich up until 1975 Bundesrepublik Deutschland. I also have some Crypto leftover from when I was active on Steemit. It's about 0.1 BTC worth with 0.06 actually in BTC, I'm counting my Hive and Steemit account into this as well.

2021 Investment Goals

1. Get a Job

Not really an investment, but still it plays a big role in my strategy. It's the difference between having to eat my Silver or having >1.000€ per month surplus to spend on investments. If all goes well I could be back in the workforce next month.

2. Buy dips in Silver

This was my original plan for 2021, in specific Im looking at 1/2 Mark Kaiserreich Coins, they are currently 1€ per gramm of silver, 2,5g per coin and up to 150 years old. However the current drops in Silver and Gold that the Kitco analysts relate to the rise of Bitcoin seems scary for a precious metal stacker.

3. Sell Silver in a Moonshot Scenario

I like my silver and I will have a hard time parting with it, but my initial plan was to flip the silver once it hits a top between 100-200$ an ounce. There are narratives that would justify hodling silver since it is not just a precious metal but also an industrial metal and there are rumours of shortages. So I might just sell 50% of my stack but I will sell a 5-10x top.

4. Buy BTC and ETH

BTC has been my best performing Crypto. I am invested in about 15 other coins since 2017 and none of them performed like BTC. I remember paying a lot for my 0.2 ETH back then. It would be really nice to achieve having 0.5 BTC with 1-2 ETH. If the prices go up like in the last couple of weeks this will be really rough tho.

5. Get my Money back from the Casino!

A fun little side project where I invested 0.01 BTC into the gambling site Bet Fury to get a staking Token with a daily payout in BTC. Im trying to pull that 0.01 BTC out of the Casino to gamble and stake for pure profits!


So these are my goals for 2021 when it comes to investing. Do you have anything to crticize or add? let me know in the comments! Thanks to @theycallmedan for the challenge. Im looking forward to read the plans of others and it was fun bringing my own to paper. I dont have twitter so Im sorry to not be able to share it there.

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