Why I Believe Ecency and TipU Are The Two Go-To Accounts To Delegate To

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Hello everyone! Let me start by reminding you all what delegation is. Delegation on the Hive Blockchain is where you allow another account to borrow your HP, or Hive Power, to (in most cases) use it to curate other creators' content. This feature is especially profitable when you delegate to signified "curator accounts;" and more so when you delegate to the right ones!


Ecency actually has their own social platform here on the Hive Blockchain that I'll leave right here. First of all, @ecency actually sends all delegators a daily share of their curation rewards. These rewards are paid back 100% to the community, so all delegators get maximum profitability. Now, you're probably thinking, "Hey, aren't there plenty of other curator accounts out there that also pay back 100% of the rewards?" Yes, there are. But where Ecency truly separates itself from the others is in the functionality and advantages of using its platform.

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Within the platform, you can view other users' blogs and content, same as any other front-end dApp. What you can also do is earn "Ecency Points" by posting, upvoting content, commenting, or even just for staying on the platform for a couple minutes at a time! With these points, you can promote your posts for a set amount of time for increased exposure, as well as boost a post to essentially give it an upvote worth a certain amount of money. Did I forget to mention that you also receive a pretty hefty sum of points relative to how much HP you have delegated to them? The more Ecency Points, the higher the benefit. Remember, this is on top of your delegation rewards!


Now, @tipu is on my list for a different reason. No they don't have their own front-end nor do they have a means to earn extra points for more rewards. What they do have, however, is an incredibly helpful interface on their website that allows you to fully track your delegation share, the total Hive rewards for a given payout, how much HP you currently have delegated to them (including your interest), and so much more!

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TipU has built so much functionality into their user dashboard that it's truly incredible! And the fact that there are many sections of the site that are still in development such as 'swapping,' 'deposit,' and 'sending tips' makes it even crazier. In their dashboard, you can change what tokens you want to receive your reward in between HBD or Hive, how often you want your payout to be (obviously still relative to how much you would earn in 24 hours), and there's even an option to reinvest a certain percentage of your rewards!

Bottom Line

In the end, both services have my full support and trust. I highly recommend anyone go check out either of the two I have listed, as both are doing well for me and are innovative on the blockchain.

Also, I would like to note that I have an upcoming article about delegating to monster-curator, so stay tuned for that!


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