HIVE is finally getting noticed: HIVE/BUSD, Brave Ads...

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Hello HODLers and Hiveans,

Yes, we are ! Today I came across a few tweets mentionning us; even some from Dan Larimer, claiming he knew our flaws. Funny.


I just want to focus on the positive. We had the huge spike 2 days ago, many took this as an opportunity to sell which I do not blame. I believe there are much more upside going forward.


We bounced back on the Daily MA7 and the chart looks actually quite good and bullish.


This pump also happened to start at the same time that we started our Brave Browser Marketing initiative. Thank you @lordbutterfly for taking care of this; more in this post.

Brave Marketing

I do use daily Brave browser but haven't had the chance to see our Hive pop-up; nevertheless you can see below what it would look like.


HIVE/BUSD pair on Binance

Today, Binance announced that they added one pair HIVE/BUSD. This is a great news as many of us in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem use BUSD.

Also, with many controversial posts and FUD on USDT, it is reassuring to know we have another stablecoin pair.

I believe the recent volume during the HIVE pumped prompted Binance to offer this in order to get some of this volume.



Future is bright for the Hive Blockchain ecosystem, let's enjoy it !

Not selling.


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