SPK network and "Hive DEX" could be the next HIVE success stories !

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Hello HODLers, Hiveans and 3Speakers

First, I hope you were one of the DHF SPK voters. They reached the amount of votes they needed and moved to the next step of their journey. Here was their proposal


Already expanding and partnering to other projects is a great sign that the @3speak team thought about the medium-long term reach.


Did I understand it well? A new cross chain DEX is coming!

In this Hive.io's post, we learn that there will be a DEX developed by Peerplays and Hive/3speak team

This is a game change if it goes live smoothly!


Peerplays blockchain will connect many blockchains and provide a unified platform for accessing coins/tokens from different networks.

This DEX would allow:

On-chain prediction markets
On-chain DEX
On-chain native NFTs

The most exciting is that this partnership and DEX development aims to connect SMTs to other chains.

They will therefore be able to have pools on the Graphene/Hive blockchains of native and non-native assets ! Imagine many pools of LEO/hBTC(Hive BTC?) - POB/hETH, CTP/BUSD, etc...

That would even shine more spotlight on our great Hive ecosystem. If it goes through, be ready to moon !

Full information here:

We do not have a lot of information on their DEX or a working example yet. We just have their lightpaper but it does seem VERY exciting.


SPK Claimdrop should start beginning of January, 2022

Reading through the huge amount of documentation, the claimdrop will be a 1:1 ratio with your HIVE HODLings, therefore it makes me want to continue hoarding to my coins despite the high HIVE price at the moment.

More information on the 90 days before the Claimdrop: https://leofinance.io/@spknetwork/spk-network-or-larynx-miner-claim-drop-90-days-until-snapshot


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