Earnings Report: 5 Months Using the Crypto.com Card

10 days ago
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It's officially been five full months since I started using the Ruby Red Crypto .Com card to gain 2% CRO cash back on my purchases.
Looking at the numbers, this card has been a great investment!


Between the $50 sign-on bonus, a $50 referral bonus, and $301.22 in cashback, that's a total of $401.22 earned! This comes out to be $80.24 a month.


I've written an article on how to maximize cash back on this card, and it shows! Over $300 generated from purchases I was already going to make.

I pay for essentially all of my bills with this card, which allows me to maximize my cash back across the board on everything I buy.

Not only this, but I've traded mostly all of that earned CRO into BTC, so I've seen further price appreciation and gains on this $400 as BTC's price has increased.


Every day CRO rewards keep stacking up, and after linking all of my auto draft accounts and keeping enough cash on the card, I'm able to consistently earn more and more crypto every day.

I highly recommend this card as it literally pays for itself. Plus it's the coolest card I've ever had, being all metal and shiny red :)

Crypto.com is still running it's $50 sign-on bonus, but will be changing it to $25 soon. If you're interested in a Ruby Red card use this link and we'll both get a bonus! Use code '8dq3bjxe8d'

I hope this post helps you on your crypto journey!

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