Bitcoin Looks Bullish, but not Clean Enough to Day Trade

14 days ago
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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

After Bitcoin bulls pushed price back into previous support turned resistance, they've now seemed to reclaim the zone as support.

While we had some clean price action the last time we were above the zone, most recently it hasn't been clean enough to clearly find intraday levels to trade around.

Let's go over some of my thoughts on the BTC/USD technicals below.

Bitcoin Higher Time Frame View

As you can see on the daily chart below, price has chopped through the zone quite a bit, impeding our ability to day trade.

BTC/USD Daily:

It's a weird one, this Bitcoin chart.

While the price action has been messy, it is still clean enough for me to be overall bullish.

forex support/resistance trading is never going to be as clean as the textbooks tell you it should be and we sometimes have to just take what the market gives us.

In this case, that's price above the 10K psych level and above the daily support zone that has been significant in the past, sitting just above it.

As long as price remains above both of these zones, there is opportunity to trade Bitcoin from the long side.

I'm not going to zoom in and share my thoughts on the Bitcoin intraday price action because of the messy price action on the daily.

Right now, I'm just not confident enough to make a call other that a broad statement that I'd rather be buying than selling because of price sitting above those two key daily zones.

If you're searching for something to trade, then check out the much cleaner price action that we're seeing on Ethereum right now.

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